4.2 Preparations

I was going to talk about burnout, but we’ve all felt that. Instead, let’s chat about the excitement and efforts into 4.2 preparations!



It’s been so long that I had to look back to remember my own format. Whoops! Anyway–one of my biggest problems in crafting so far has been a lack of HQ material acquisition. Nikki never had the gear to unlock the potential for HQ from the higher nodes, so trying to make super 2-star (2.5 star) items was always tremendously difficult. Our first goal was getting her into a full Ala Mhigan gathering set… which meant I needed to rely on MaMa for another while. It took Nikki a few hours to gather the raw materials I requested, and it took me another few hours to smash them all together into her finished set. But hey–after a quick few melds atop that she’s now able to push some crazy HQ rates!

As an added bonus, her new set has revived her interest in gathering and some more meta achievements. She went out of her way to complete the Legend Dragon fishing achievement, and is working on the rest of the legendary fish from here on. Good luck, hon!



Eventually Nikki managed to gather up some more materials–this time for my eight main hand tools. I had already crafted my Ala Mhigan armor, but the tools were a whole different tale. These would be a boost of 95 Craftsmanship and 51 Control! I’ve been streaming my crafting with some decent success–it seems more people like casually listening to music than watching us raid. Last night I managed to make seven of the eight tools HQ… one suffered the Poor Byregot’s and I only got it close to 90% rate which apparently wasn’t enough to HQ!

Nikki came to the rescue and stayed up a little while longer to get the materials I needed–and I finished off my final main hand tool. Now I’m sitting pretty at 1501 / 1388 on non-Specialist crafters which is more than ample enough stat for the i350 battle gear coming our way. Well, if our estimations on requirements are correct at least. I’ll be needing to make probably five sets–maybe more depending on who stays and who goes for Sigmascape Savage. Given all of that, it’s pretty nice being able to have a functional 2-step macro for this equipment!



Firstly, our budget. We’ve been talking about saving up for FanFest 2018 but every time we get a little bit, something comes up. Nikki needed a new car battery because hers… I’m not sure how it didn’t catch fire honestly. I need a new car battery because my current can no longer endure the cold. We got sent a bill for CPAP supplies that I definitely wasn’t expecting, and I’ve never liked having medical bills looming so I paid it off immediately. Saving up also means we can’t be as lax with things like eating out or our gacha games, both of which are bad habits to break. We’re not anywhere near a point of not being able to eat, mind you! Just having some serious first world problems at having to pick and choose luxuries, I guess.

Second, I’ve been setting up a free site for the raid over on Guilded. Honestly the big draw for our raid would be the calendar bot–being able to show when events are going to be. I know it’s probably just done jokingly, but the amount of times that question gets asked each week is painful and I’d rather remove the need for it. As an added bonus, Aud gets a neat page to display our clear screenshots on like he wanted before. The other functionalities of the site are mostly directed towards Free Companies. Given Aud’s clear directive on FC and raid being split, this means two sites… but they’re easy to manage. So it’ll work out–if he wants one. I can see it not being a huge draw but finding minor use here and there… so why not?

FC House

Free Company

Nikki has been working really hard on our Free Company estate–and getting me to craft things here and there for it. She still needs to start the upstairs and make finishing touches on all floors, but it’s really coming along! I’m excited for what her ideas are for a completed project. I’m also curious as to Aud’s fixes for my basement library, but I’ll probably be online for those.

For a little while there I was drifting back into my old ambition for a sort of… organized Free Company. At least, until we transferred our alts over to Hyperion to spend time with Nikki’s best friend. Her FC has an uncanny resemblance to the sort of mid-sized goal I always had aims for. They did events, they organized with other FCs to host community events for the server, they even had multiple raid teams. But as we spent more time with them, I realized just how far my dream is from what I actually want.

Family Company

When you’re a Free Company Master or Officer, there’s a certain weight that I feel you can’t ignore. The weight of responsibility towards the happiness of your members. The burden to ensure everything is running smoothly without anyone else noticing your efforts. The ideal is that members never see you act–they just benefit. Any Free Company that’s actually got things going on has at least one or two of these people, silently breaking themselves. It’s tough! Doing all of the back-end work that everyone else thinks is overcomplicated. Staying up until dawn and beyond almost daily to counsel members who are entrusting you with their secrets. Practically holding up a building that has no pillars and no one else tries to help because, well, the building isn’t collapsing on them!

It takes a special kind of person to maintain that. I can’t express my admiration enough for those people. Over time of me trying to be that person, I’ve internalized a lesson I should’ve picked up properly from RuroKen ages ago. “I can protect those within my sight.” You can support those who wanted to be supported. We can bend over backwards to give to those who we know would do the same for us. If you’re trying to be a superhero for everyone, you’re stretching yourself far too thin. It’s okay to take on what’s comfortable then and there, to know your limits, to know how to say no or at least not right now.

In this case, what I’ve joined is not a Free Company, but a family. I may not know everyone like the back of my hand, but I trust in them. I believe I won’t be left to do all of the heavy lifting myself, and many of them have already proven this time and time again. Sure this isn’t a fun nor active guild of events, but this is my home–and I want to keep that feeling.



Well… I’ve gotta get my screenshot game back on! Nikki suggested that I join EGI, Eorzean Glamour Idol, and their Discord. At the very least to learn a bit from them. I did, and started to try out Stormshade/ReShade for myself. Honestly I’m still not that great with it–and my computer is screaming already at 1440p max settings! I’d look into getting new components, but I suppose that’ll be after FanFest… and hey, by then there’ll be a new tier of everything to make the upgrade extremely efficient!

Right now I’m running on an AMD 8350-FX and a NVIDIA GTX 970, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD and 2 TB HD on the Sabertooth 990FX motherboard. This nets me about 40 to 45 frames on max settings even around town at 1440/max, which isn’t what I’d call stellar but I can deal with some chugging for pretty screenshots. Honestly maybe I should just save a custom profile for play and set to max just for the screenshots? I’m not sure–but having pretty screenshot options has definitely helped rekindle Stormblood for me a bit.

Happy adventuring!

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