A New Page to Pagos

A New Page to Pagos

I was initially pretty excited for Eurkea Pagos.

An Itch You Can’t Reach

For former FFXI vets like myself, Eureka Anemos was a fun return to the past. Going absolutely ham on monsters and chaining for an almost endless amount of time was refreshing. Sure, it was exhausting–especially if you had to tank–but this was completely new to A Realm Reborn. Things dipped a little when NM trains became the objective, I guess. But that was fine too because you could do other things while alt tabbed over.

Yes, I admit, I’m the girl who doesn’t farm monsters to spawn NMs. Most of the time anyway. But I’ll also do my best on tanking the NM when it spawns so we reduce the amount of raises that are needed. Paladin grinding can be exhausting beyond belief, so I didn’t want to push that hard. Surely Pagos would be an improvement on this system!

More Solo Friendly

I remember them mentioning that Pagos was going to be aimed more for solo friendly play. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. NM experience gain was cut in such a way that it was a superior choice to stay in Anemos and grind there. You’d go into Pagos for your weekly challenge log, and that was about it.

I tried a few parties out that were getting consistent chain 30s, and even on the former guaranteed crystal drop we saw nothing. Sure without armor there’s no need for as many, but no additional reward made it feel even more daunting. Do you really want to be grinding enemies for hours on end with little to no reward beyond level gain? And even that was slow as molasses.


According to yesterday’s hotfix, EXP gained from NMs has increased. And they’ve lowered the threshold for spawning NMs too. So… they’ve basically made Eureka Pagos into the baseline from where it should’ve grown. I understand there’s no way any QA team will be able to test content nearly as hard as the player base. But you’d think or at least hope that to move forward they would keep what we’ve come to appreciate of existing systems and build onto them or make alternatives.

Taking away from what your players have come to expect is a bad move, generally. Sure some things can be horrendously broken and spoil gameplay, and it’s unavoidable in those cases. But given this content exists solely for the purpose of just upgrading weapons, I don’t see the levels as anything but a tedious gate to breach. At the very least if you want there to be an alternative so that players take it, try to do your best to make the alternative really great! Grinding mobs is awful and we’re just going back to the first day of Anemos at that point.

I hope to be entering this content on a more serious degree sometime soon. At the very least to get my weeklies in. But we’ll see what happens with this hotfix and the future of Pagos.

Happy adventuring!

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