A Rare Update

I figured it’s time I give y’all another rare update. 🙂

Content Creation & Community

One thing I’ve always wanted to do with my time and energy is creating content. It didn’t necessarily matter what I was going to be making. Growing up, I was a choir geek but would often write in my spare time. Eventually I realized that despite any dreams I had with music, it wasn’t going to be a profitable career. So, I kept with my writing. That led to my Final Fantasy XI blog, which is where my wife met me.

Creating something has always been important to me. Being able to present and immortalize my thoughts and emotions, and hopefully in a way that can reach the hearts of others, is an extraordinary concept. I noticed there were plenty of times where if I wasn’t actively engaged in something creative, I would instinctively seek it out. This often led to me going so far as to make guilds, raid groups, etc.

I think community is another important aspect of the creation process to me. Whenever people would tell me they had read my blog, it was a little inspiring. If they were influenced positively by what I wrote, even better. But people commenting on the entry on my blog itself? Even better! Twitter made it much easier to carry the discussion elsewhere, but as a result it also felt somewhat too open ended or empty. I was reaching out to more people, but not necessarily making a place for them to belong.

Virtual Streaming

So far, being a VTuber, or Virtual (YouTuber) Streamer has fulfilled both of those desires splendidly. While I’ve been streaming off and on for seven years, things didn’t really click until I had this representation of myself on screen. Sure, my wife and friends told me to just “hit play while you play”, but I needed something to show more direct interaction–for chat and for myself. This was a way to express myself further than just trying to have commentary on my gaming experience.

That little Discord server I made so that I could use my own emotes on other servers? It’s become the Apple Inn, and is a thriving community based around my stream and content. I can’t put that feeling into words properly, honestly. The fact that people show up five times per week to vibe with me while I play video games, sing, or just talk about random nonsense is amazing. Especially on the singing bit, because I was sure my dream of being able to sing and entertain folk was long dead.

Through my blog entries I would always try to share my experiences. I’d hope that someone could find them useful, comforting, or educational. Streaming is a much more direct approach to this, and I’m able to more rapidly answer questions and give and receive feedback. By having the LGBTQ tag on and being perfectly clear about being a trans woman, I’ve been able to teach folk more about my experiences and clarify things that perhaps aren’t always so easily found on Google. While I don’t find myself an advocate per se, if I can provide a comfy, relaxed atmosphere where people can feel welcomed and able to be themselves? I’m thrilled by that.

The Blog

But what does this all mean for the blog? For RyuhNote? I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. The only times I even remember I have this blog anymore are when other people mention it. Sometimes I’m told “I used to read your blog every day!” and it reminds me here and there I was posting on a daily basis. Maybe it’s harder now, that I’m not as invested in Final Fantasy XIV as I once was. This blog was really more for FFXIV, and as such my content for it has dried up pretty thoroughly.

I’m also getting all of my necessary content creation done elsewhere. Through my streams, memes, and managing my community the grand majority of my energy is spent. The further I proceed on my journey as Yuhki, the less invested I am as writing as Ryuhkin. While I still want to maintain this blog, especially as my blog is how I met Nikki, making this experience very much a shared memory, it’s also sitting around gathering dust most of the time. How do I proceed with it? What can I do with my blog to enhance the content that I produce for others?

I hope to have some kinds of answers to these questions, eventually. After all, growing as a content creator involves all sorts of content needing to be made. I really should see about starting to edit my streams and finding funny moments to post to YouTube or something… hm. Well, for now I’m just hoping that me realizing I have this has reminded some of you that I have a blog too. 😀

Have an excellent day today!

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