A Touch of Revelry

We’ve finally started up raiding with Susano Extreme in Stormblood and I couldn’t be more excited!

Susano Clear!

Susano Extreme

The past two nights we’ve sat down with Susano and drank into an utter stupor! Okay maybe a little less alcohol for some of us–but fun festivities overall. Alma and I tried to stream the runs so we can review how many times I died to stupid things. It was… a lot, to say the least. But not bad given I’ve spent this whole expansion so far crafting!

We noticed quite a bit of latency in the fight. Times where we’d think we had dodged puddles only to be slammed by damage moments later–halfway across the field. Getting hit for 15k to 18k HP at full HP… and dying. Lots of weird little coincidences there that kept the run a constant fight for survival. I’d consider getting a VPN but honestly? The routing I’ve noticed of them is little different than my own now. If not, worse.

Susano - Samurai

Need to Practice the Folding 1000 Times

With Dragoon ever since 2.x I’ve made it my goal to hit a striking dummy a few times every active week. This kept me sharp and polished–helped me to reduce the number of mistakes I’d make when raiding. I haven’t given Samurai that time yet because I’ve been focused on crafting. Thankfully, Samurai feels natural enough to where I’m not as worried about it as I was with Dragoon. I was able to clearly notice my mistakes and slowly improve upon them during the run–capping just over 4k DPS at my peak before we got the tachi.

I often let Meikyo Shisui go unused. There were times where I’d let Hagakure go unused, or used it with less than three Sen. Plenty of times I’d go to fire off a Kaiten Midare–only to stop Midare and use Hagakure instead as it came up. Plenty of using the same Sen rotation because I’d forget where I left myself off at–or misclicking and breaking a combo. So the trick will be fixing all of this and then not dying for a change and I’ll be good as gold, I’d like to think!

Susano - Dragoon

Role Shift and the Minor Concern

Our big issue with this team is managing to keep eight people around. Or when we do have eight, actually all being online. Rarely are there circumstances that aren’t just beyond our control but it gets frustrating. Right now we’re wondering if we’ll have a solid eighth or not… and while the answer is probably, it’s definitely a little concerning. I’d like to not go down that rabbit hole and get stuck not clearing content for ages again.

On the other hand–the role/job shifts many of us have had with Stormblood seem to be rekindling the excitement for the game for many of us. Nikki shifted from Bard to Astrologian at the end of Heavensward and just keeps on loving it. Ryan is looking to axe Warrior in favor of Dark Knight. Aud switched from Scholar to Red Mage and sounds as giddy as a kid with a shopping spree in Toys R Us. Alma is tanking for us–maybe only in the meantime–but they seem to be enjoying it thoroughly, unlike their old Summoner job! Then you’ve got me having switched away from Dragoon, which was ticking me off, to Samurai which I can’t stop having fun with.

We’re definitely looking forward to the remainder of this expansion!

Omega Delta - Normal

oMega References

Our first raid night was Friday–and we got to enjoy Omega Delta (Normal) together. The nostalgia bombs within these fights are just so freaking great… I’m really excited for what they’ll throw at us in the next tiers. But for now, it’ll be worrying about how much harder the fights are going to be with Savage! I’d like to be able to clear a tier while relevant–something I haven’t done since the Coil days. Just a matter of getting us all on and ready to go, I suppose.

Happy adventuring!

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