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The Blog

I’ve been blogging off and on since when I started to play Final Fantasy XI, which was around June 2003. My platform has changed a multitude of times along with my post content. With RyuhNote I want to talk about positive experiences and educational topics. My goal would be to teach, encourage, or bring a laugh or two. Hopefully my posts can do that for you. I’ll be covering a variety of subjects from MMORPGs to gacha games, from anime to life lessons. I hope you’re cozy with LGBT topics too, as I’ll talk a bit about those as well.

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The Raider

When I returned to Final Fantasy XIV with A Realm Reborn, I never thought I’d take this game seriously. I started off my character as a reflection of my inner self, because I didn’t think I’d have to ever worry about voice chat or meeting people. Then I became a Free Company Master for what would be one of the at-the-time decently sized LGBT+ FCs on Hyperion. The more I learned about others, the more stuff clicked in my own life. Having an MMO be the catalyst for learning that you’re trans is something else.

I’m a Samurai, Paladin, and expert craftswoman. Right now I’m an officer in a small Free Company on Excalibur which acts as a refuge for misfits. We assume people are going to go and find new homes and are using our estate as a quiet place to heal, which is fine by us. I’ve been raiding off and on since the Binding Coil of Bahamut, but due to scheduling conflicts and the like I’ve only settled a few tier clears under my belt.

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The Author

I was born on October 30th, 1988 and have lived a pretty happy life thus far. My parents always encouraged me to pursue my own interests, as long as I was happy, healthy, and did fairly well in my studies. While I wasn’t ever outright unhappy, something was always kinda off. Games allowed me enough escapism to keep those feelings at bay, at least until I began to play games where I could be a girl. MMORPGs and the like allowed me to explore my identity and, over time, truly find myself.

Nikki, the love of my life, found me through my old Final Fantasy XI blog. She started out as a regular reader and provided great discussion threads! Now we’re a happy couple, living and gaming together with our roommate, two dogs, a cat. Any time someone asks me for relationship advice I suggest they start writing an MMORPG blog. I currently work as a civilian contractor helping to provide distributed learning software to those studying abroad. It sometimes gives me enough time to blog here!

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