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The Blog

I started blogging right around when I started playing Final Fantasy XI, around June 2003 or so. Of course, not only has my platform choice changed multiple times since then, but I’ve also cleaned out my posts many times over. From here I want to try to focus on posts about positive stories or educational topics. To teach, encourage, or make someone laugh sometime. Hopefully you’ll help to guide me along on the right path!

This blog, RyuhNote, will be mostly about from Final Fantasy XIV to other MMOs and even mobile games. If you like the content on my Twitter, chances are you’ll find it quite cozy here. Here’s to hoping we have some happy adventures.

About - Crafter

The Raider

When I first started playing A Realm Reborn in Beta, I never thought I’d play this game seriously. So, I made a cute cat girl character and named her “Ryuhkin Naringo” which was born solely on syllables that just rolled off of my tongue. I was still so deep in the closet at this time that I hid even from myself. The more I played and interacted with people, the more I was blessed with and endured various treatments, the more this came to be real to me. I’ve adjusted my appearance over time to fit closer to my alter-ego, rather than just a game character.

I’ve been member, Officer, and Master of Free Companies–though I find my preference to be more of a support role. Currently I act as more a Secretary to my Free Company Master and Raid Leader, because he can’t organize himself out of a wet paper bag. Our raid team is super casual, but I’m still proud to be a part of it and all the more proud still to be performing as well as I am! Even though I’m “non-meta Samurai trash”, I work hard to help support my team as one of its two Omni-Crafters and am diligently preparing to cry upon each new raid tier.

About - PLD

The Author

I was born on October 30th and have an older half-brother as my only sibling, from my Dad’s previous marriage. I graduated third of my class in high school and eleventh of my class in college, and have a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer and Information Science. It effectively says I paid a lot of money to learn how to Google extremely well. Currently I work as a government contractor supporting courseware for distance learning programs.

Through my Final Fantasy XI blog I met the love of my life, and she and I now live together. We’re joined by a mutual friend of ours and my dogs and my SO’s cat. Needless to say this makes for a pretty full house if we’re all in the same room! But it’s comfy and cozy all the same. I’m not out to a lot of people, and while those I am are supportive, I still don’t have the courage to work on very much. So, I tend to embrace my time here in FFXIV as a way to quiet the internal noise. I’ll sit there even if just AFK, because it feels right to just be.

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