About the Blog

My blog began around when I started Final Fantasy XI, between 2002 and 2003. I had no idea what to do, couldn’t read much very well, and my family’s computer could barely handle playing it! But the records of my experience then etched into my heart, and I’ve kept it going–off and on–ever since. It was through my FFXI blog that I met my wonderful fiancee, Refyll, and we’re planning to get married in February 2020! She’s always given me the strength I need to continue writing, regardless of the medium and content.

RyuhNote here is my personal blog. Content will generally fall somewhere around Final Fantasy XIV, D&D, mobile games, or anime and manga. Some of my experiences as a trans woman, and thoughts on related topics under the LGBTQ+ umbrella will be shared here as well. I’m hoping to keep my content positive, wholesome, and educational. So stick around if that’s your cup of tea!

About the Adventurer

I’m Ryuhkin Naringo, or Ryuh for short! More often than not you can find me AFK around my fiancee’s house, or in the middle of an instance somewhere trying not to die. With Shadowbringers I became a tank main, with Gunbreaker as my choice of punishment. If I’m not otherwise preoccupied, I’m almost always willing to help out when asked. Meeting new people is part of this adventure we share!

I love to explore Eorzea and take all sorts of screenshots, of people and the environment. Going through them to reflect on the past, getting to share my experiences with others, and being a tiny part of a very large community all fill my heart with joy. In addition to that, I thoroughly enjoy crafting in FFXIV and the mathematics behind it. Most of my energy is poured into this at the start of each patch!

About the Author

My name is Amanda! I was born on October 30th, and have been blessed with a happy life thus far. I’ve had my share of challenges, and always expect more around the corner. But my fiancee, family, and friends are incredible and support me at every turn. Knowing that I’m not alone, that I can rely on them, helps me to move ever forward. Writing is a wonderful hobby of mine, and it consumes almost all of my spare time in the day. My biggest project right now is world building for D&D 5e campaign!

MMORPGs have allowed me to discover so much about my identity. Being accepted for you who are, and having a community that will openly and vibrantly accept and support your personal journey is incredible. Having friends who know the path isn’t always a clear and easy one, that it isn’t always A to B nor a one-way trip opens up the opportunity for exploration. Regardless of what you need to find out about yourself, as long as you pursue that journey for your own sake, to be a better you, then I’m here to support you!!