About the Blog

I started writing in RyuhNote right around the same time that I knew FFXIV was going to be a longterm game for me. My style of writing isn’t particularly conductive to well-organized entries though thanks to stream of consciousness. Even still, it was through my FFXI blog that the love of my life, Refyll, found me–so I had to keep that up. It’s too important to not have in my life. Writing here allows me to relax, but it’s also helped improve my life drastically. I don’t know where I’d be without her; and certainly I’ve made many friends along the way, too.

I’ve lost posts twice: once in a host move and once more from a corrupted backup. We’ve even quite a few style changes, though I tend to stick to the same–or similar–frameworks to keep things familiar. A fancy design might help attract people, but you’re not here for that–you’re here to read my gaming rants and occasional advice! I hope someone gets something out of this blog. Even just one smile someday. 🙂

My update schedule is sporadic at best–but I am trying to get better on finding a frequency that I can maintain despite work. Please consider the free subscription to get an entry via e-mail or follow me on Twitter where I’ll link them as well!

About the Author – Online

I play Final Fantasy XIV as Ryuhkin Naringo of Excalibur, and am an officer in the Free Company (guild) called Mephisto’s Cafe. While I actively main and raid on Samurai, which I adore, I’ve also picked up Paladin as my secondary job. There’s just something special about bashing the face of your enemies in with a sword, up close and personal. I also serve as my FC’s primary crafter and am one part of my raid’s crafting support team. Yes, I am one of those few people who enjoy the effort and mathematics of crafting. Let me nerd out about it!

I eternally bonded with married Refyll on February 14th, 2015.

About the Author – Offline

I was born on October 30th to a family of German and Japanese background. The cultural mix was vibrant, but mostly kept only at home. I was always encouraged to follow my heart and to be myself. At first that led me to music and the choir. Right alongside that though were games and computers, and it didn’t take me long at all to know my future would be found in these instead. I am currently contracted to the US Army as a database engineer, and am proud of the work I do to help my family get home safe and sound.

Much of my life will filter into the blog–to the point of where I even have a category for it. Some of this will include trans-related topics, so if that’s not your cup of tea then you may want to avoid that tag at least. Finally, one of my larger goals in life is to become a game developer, hopefully someday working on a Square Enix title. We’ll just have to see what the future holds!