About the Blog

RyuhNote is my Final Fantasy XIV adventure blog, but it’s also a place where I can go to talk about my life or recent events. While I’ll try to keep as on-topic as possible, just as people are multi-faceted we must assume our ideas are as well. I am a raider and a crafter, so with regards to FFXIV content you can likely expect quite a bit of discussion on both of these!

Writing is very therapeutic for me, and I’ve been blogging ever since my Final Fantasy XI days. That’s where and how I met the love of my life, Refyll. She was one of my more avid readers! My update schedule now varies wildly at best. It seems to be determined mostly by how active work is and how idle FFXIV is, plus a certain range of ebb and flow. I want to try to post at least once a week so y’all know I’m still alive.

About the Author

I am Ryuhkin Naringo of Excalibur! …And a lot of others, as you can see on my sidebar. I mostly answer to Ryuhkin or “Ryuh”, though. I’m a Samurai main and Paladin secondary, and while I’m kinda okay at being hit by things my specialty lies in hitting things instead! Somehow I’ve wound up an Officer in my Free Company, Mephisto’s Cafe. We’re much less like an actual FC than we are a Home for Misfits, though.

I have a special fondness for puns and work as a Database Engineer so you might hear me sing Log Horizon’s OP1 theme song sometimes. I’m a master-level “omnicrafter” and materia meld success rate is a personal nightmare. Online I am not at all shy about being trans, and the FFXIV community has been great and supportive. Finally, I really enjoy taking screenshots and looking at neat Free Company websites.