About the Blog

RyuhNote is my personal blog. Here I’ll be discussing hopefully more positive stories and thoughts, along with some educational topics. My discussions may include Final Fantasy XIV, D&D, gacha games, anime, manga, LGBT with a focus on trans topics, so forth. I’ll generally tweet a link to each entry after I post it, so feel free to follow my Twitter to keep updated!

About the Adventurer

I’m Ryuhkin Naringo of Excalibur on Primal! You can most often find me AFKing by Refyll (Nikki)’s house, crafting in my apartment, or in the middle of a raid instance. Right now in Stormblood, I’m a Samurai, Paladin, and Crafter. More than likely I’ll finally be dropping the Paladin I picked up during A Realm Reborn to take up Gunbreaker! I’m almost always willing to help when asked if I’m not busy.

My favorite thing to do in Final Fantasy XIV is exploring and learning. To have my own happy adventures, alongside good friends. I like taking screenshots of scenery and various other moments, to capture those memories with people I care about. Usually every bit of my spare energy at the dawn of a patch is poured into crafting, so I can better help others out.

About the Author

I was born on October 30th, 1988 and have lived a happy life thus far. Not one without its challenges, but my parents especially after coming out as trans to them have been encouraging and supportive. I’m blessed to have a wonderful fiancee at my side whom I love dearly, and the two of us go on all sorts of nerdy adventures together both online and off. She found me on my old FFXI blog which I started in June 2003, so I’ll always continue this little hobby of mine with as much gratitude as I can muster.

MMORPGs have enabled me, like many others, to discover much about my identity. Being able to be accepted as your true self by so many others has been a remarkably positive experience and I hope I can help others along their own personal journies as well. I’ve also begun to branch into online TTRPGs with D&D 5e, both as a player and as a dungeon master. As a writer, being able to DM is an incredible experience. I’m essentially writing an AU fanfic for my player’s OCs, and they never cease to amaze me.