About - Ryuhkin Naringo (#1)

About – Online

An introvert by nature, Ryuhkin often needs time away from her boisterous facade to relax a bit. Ryuhkin can be the life of the party, if said party is no more than about twelve people. She’s a proud late night raider and a fierce Dragoon. When she first came to Eorzea she led a Free Company. It worked well, but spread her too thin. Ryuh instead cherishes the time spent more closely with her wife and friends.

In combat she prefers to be face to face with her opponents. Ryuhkin trains and fights with an intense ferocity. She claims she “wants to be strong enough to regret”–to become someone who can act when the time comes. As her wife, Refyll, focuses on healing and taking up the magical arts–Ryuh focuses more clearly on close combat and tanking. She intends to continue this dedication as she takes up her blade as a Samurai as well.

About - Ryuhkin Naringo (#2)

About – Offline

Ryuhkin was born on October 30th, 1988 on the east coast of the United States. She was raised in a melting pot culture of primarily Japanese and German influences as the daughter of a retired soldier and a military brat. Having moved around often by their habit–rarely did she ever get to develop long-term friendships. Instead she turned to LEGO and video games which expanded her imagination and cemented her dream to create, teach, and inspire.

Through MMORPGs–starting as far back as Runescape–she met people and developed a strong sense of self. Her knowledge of culture and the world grew as she learned more from games and experiencing them with others than she ever did in a classroom. This became her dream–to become a part of what helped her so very much. To become a game developer.

Ryuhkin currently works as a database engineer and is contracted to the United States Army. She spends most of her free time playing games and enjoying life with her wife, their two dogs, and their cat. Her dream isn’t stopped–just on a slower route to ensure financial stability.