Alts and Coinpurses

Alts and Coinpurses

I’ve been working, slowly but surely, on leveling my alt recently. Mostly for the sake of gil and materia!

Yuhki Questing

All the Quest Rewards!

While surely I’d be able to make quite a substantial sum more just by crafting; it’s hard to ignore the draw of enjoying the story of Final Fantasy XIV again at a much more relaxed pace. I started this alt character back during Binding Coil of Bahamut to raid with her. Now I’ve no such intention–she’s just there to quell my “I want to be an Au Ra” kick and get some enjoyment in the game when I’m otherwise bored. I must say though, that I’m not particularly thrilled with the idea of re-experiencing certain more spoiler-y elements of the Heavensward story.

The rewards have been splendid thus far. I’ve worked up nearly 200,000 gil just in tinkering around. The real prize will be in all of the Tier V materia from Stormblood quests though. Sure, they’re cheap now–but come next raid tier I’ll need another huge stock of them to pentameld. Consider this extra preparation! Though I must say… lacking flight in areas I’m used to having it is annoying.

The gang

Alt Goals

Some have suggested that I could raid with her again, and sure–that’s feasible. I started out A Realm Reborn as a White Mage and taught much of what I knew onto people who went to become stellar healers. It shouldn’t be difficult to pick it up and heal like a boss. Really, the matter is more of desire. My career as a healer phased out quickly once I came to Excalibur where almost everyone I know has a healer. It got to a point where I couldn’t join runs as one, and would go as my Paladin or Dragoon instead.

Fortunately for me–I’m more of a frontline player anyway. Give me melee action! Let me bathe in the blood spread by combat, be it mine or that of my foes. Considering this, I suppose my primal would be Susano eh… ah, well. I just don’t feel nearly as much of a thrill in games in anything but this role. Playing Yuhki is fun and cute, but I can’t see myself ever grinding dungeons nor raiding in any serious note on her. Bravo to you main healers who adore it. It’s because of y’all that I’m able to enjoy what I do best!

Yuhki stares

Side Life Note

In other news, I finally have a little bit of money to where I’m looking into a new phone. My Galaxy S6 is two years old now, and while it still works fine I know part of that is me not experiencing any better. I’ve been looking into the S8 or waiting for the Pixel 2… at least, until I remembered my vehicle state inspection is due this month. Last time I went in for an oil change I skipped on a few optional services that were expensive. Not to mention, we still haven’t fixed the crack in my windshield. Then there’s some hub cap damage that seems to be dropping the tire pressure in my driver’s front wheel. Ugh.

Any time I have a little bit of money, it seems to slip away. I’ll be okay to handle my car, but it’s gonna be another little bit before I can go looking into any more luxuries. Like clothes that I didn’t buy in high school.

Happy adventuring!

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