Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth

Like many other MMO players, new expansions to old games are a huge draw. What wonders could await–did they fix the things I didn’t like yet? Is there a new class to play? New places to explore? I’ve been bit hard again by the bug with Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth. Yet, I don’t know if I’ll bother this time around.

Usual Enjoyment

Don’t get me wrong–I do like World of Warcraft! It’s got a ton of lore and potential for your own headcanons. There’s lots of different ways to explore the world when leveling and unless you’ve powered through for Loremaster or have leveled like six alts it can be fresh each time. I understand leveling from 40 to 100 has even gotten easier. Honestly that might be enough to resolve one big issue, but I’ll bring that up in a bit. I think people who like WoW should feel totally valid in liking it. Don’t let my post sway you away from doing what makes you feel happy. Just be sure to install postal if you haven’t yet. Seriously, checking mail without it is awful.

Playing WoW, for me, is great for just about the first month. There’s plenty to do–I can do something different each day and not run out of places to explore. This is especially true with a new expansion, but spending $55~ for an expansion and a month subscription feels like a steep cost for just the one month alone.

Lonely Allegiances

One of the main reasons I lose interest is that my “main” is Alliance. I can feel the heat already. Seriously, almost everyone I knows plays Horde and refuses to roll Alliance. There are a few exceptions for people who want to be fantastic goat people, but that’s about it. If I feel like leveling the characters I chose for my own interests and reasons, I’m going to be solo. That’s fine for a while–but like I said before, probably only for about a month.

I could technically get around this limitation if Nikki plays with me, but then we’re spending $110~ for probably the same month. Before we managed to get her into I think the level 50 range. Unfortunately, it was a bit too mundane and dragging–along with a dislike of the art style. I think the game’s content gets much more diverse and interesting later on, and the experience cut might help reach that point. But again, that’s still a lot of money to look into given my next reasoning for not going in.

Great for Patch Lulls

Other MMORPGs are fantastic choices to play when FFXIV is going through a big content lull. In this case, however, we’re looking at Patch 4.36 dropping on August 7th along with Eureka Pagos. Tag that along with Voltron, Nikki’s dentist appointment, and my HRT intake appointment in the same week and I’m going to be a very busy, very drained woman.

Sure the expansion isn’t until later, but by then I’ll still be farming for the upgraded relic weapons. And my raid might be in full swing by this point, meaning most of my spare time will be devoted to crafting and keeping my skills sharp on training dummies. With so much to do, I’ll definitely be too busy to give this a good whirl. Heck, I’m also going to be trying to improve on my sleep schedule which means even less time each day afforded for gaming (and more years to game…)! I’ll definitely still be eating up the trailers and cutscenes on YouTube though. Give me those glorious Blizzard cinematics.

Happy adventuring, and good luck in saving Azeroth!

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