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Benchmark and Preparation

I should’ve written about the Stormblood benchmark a while ago, but life happens and here we are now. Still with maximum hype and a mix of legitimate concerns.

Samurai Hype Train

Like many others, I am super excited for Samurai finally coming to FFXIV. It was one of my twin mains in FFXI and we’ve been needing some awesome sword DPS in FFXIV. I guess Red Mage counts for sword DPS too? Kinda. I mean it’s a sword staff thing. I dunno. There were nerd screams heard around the world when the trailer unveiled Samurai. I’m pretty sure I had that video on infinite loop since it was released. Dragoon has always been and will always be “my baby”, but it’ll be nice to have something that can give me a fair breath from it.

Some have asked why I don’t just play another role to mix it up. I have been playing Paladin as well pretty steadily ever since the first day I had it at 50 and Zac asked me to tank Ultima HM while it was relevant. I’ve even been my raid’s MT until we found a solid replacement. Filled in a few times when Bandaid or Ryan were missing, etc. When I started A Realm Reborn I leveled CNJ up with Nikki and our friends. This had me ending up as one of our FC’s very few healers, which locked me into that job for a long while.

However, I don’t push for either the tank or healer role. I know others like it more and are better at it than I am. And generally I’m better in a DPS role than they are. While “alt job raiding” is nice and fun and all, when you’re going for quick clears or progression most groups will find themselves leaning to their strong points first and foremost. This means I’m Dragoon–and while I love it anything can go stale or burn you out after a while!

Hire a Samurai

I’m definitely considering taking up Samurai as my main come Stormblood. I’ve been DRG for so long that I’ve grown complacent. I’ve adapted my rotation based on minute circumstances and the ebb and flow of a fight, which is good–but it means when I need to push the edge I’ve lost sight of it in muddled “okay” results. When you’re trying to clench out every point you can miss mechanics or forget an invulnerability point and lose a significant amount. Allowing myself to relax helped boost my performance significantly in conditions such as those, but I suffer the more I get used to a fight as I forget to innovate.

With Samurai I’m hoping it will be possible to rekindle my fire and forge a stronger player out of me. At the very least, the ability compression/adjustment and new ones are a good excuse to force a change. And on the note of abilities–I’m disappointed in just how much we’re lacking with Samurai. We know it starts at 50, uses striking equipment, and… that’s about it. There’s supposedly information on the new jobs coming this month, and hopefully that’ll be enough to really sink our teeth into. There’s no sense in trying to main Samurai if it won’t be good for my raid, after all!

Preparation – Raid Hopes

When we took a break from raid it was super freeing. Not having to worry if we’d have the people or finding replacements. I really enjoy raiding and love playing with these folk, but the downtime was getting to everyone. Here’s to hoping with Stormblood we can enter the raid tier strong with a team of eight right off the bat! We’ve endured the Zodiac Curse long enough, I’d like to think.

As far as I’m aware at least we’ll only be lacking a BRD or MCH coming in. Well, providing everyone wants to return and raid together again I guess. Too much time away can be a bad thing at times too and trying to get folk on for spare raids can be difficult. Everyone’s got their own activities going to avoid burnout which is great–I just selfishly hope we’ll all return I guess. 😛

Preparation – Stocking

So we’re now aware SAM and RDM won’t have Coil weapons. I wonder if this applies to the Ironworks ones too? If so, will we be getting like an i130/i135 weapon as we unlock the job? Or will it be some rinky-dink NQ crafted piece like with the Heavensward jobs? Either way–it’s been a great idea to prepare equipment just in case I’ve got rounds of Striking armor and slaying accessories ready to adorn Samurai with. If I were playing more regularly I’d have a bigger gil purse too, but that’s one unfortunate result of avoiding anything serious in-game I guess.

There doesn’t seem to make too much sense to me in stocking up on things like levequests and/or materials. We don’t know how they’ll change or nerf all of that with knowing how we got ready for Heavensward before. Some people’s idea of a tiny savings is like 50 million, so I’ll just keep being proud of my 3.5 million saved over here. That’s quite a lot for me! As long as it’s enough to get nicely into Stormblood it’ll all work out. Though I shouldn’t dawdle on the crafting market this time around… I lost a whole bunch of profit gains last expansion.

Preparation – The Build

I don’t have the kind of money to consider upgrading my computer for a very long time. This is probably for the best though, because it means my upgrades wind up cheaper and a bigger jump by comparison. All the same, pushing at 2560×1440 resolution I was just shy of their highest category of performance. Didn’t notice any unnatural dips in the benchmark myself either, so that’s good.

Props to you if you’ve got the funds to boost your PC for Stormblood! I’m jealous! xD It’d run me probably $1,300~$1,400 USD to get the components that I want right now which is insane when my benchmark performance is already very good. I’ll spend that money instead on the necessities of life and just enjoy what I have otherwise. ❤️

Happy adventuring!

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