Ryuh and Refyll

Break in Raid

On Saturday I went into the bedroom to wake Nikki up for raid. The issue here? She looked too darned cute and comfortable for me to wake her. So I laid down for a bit too thinking, “Just for a moment.” We wound up missing raid completely. It was decided that night, to no one’s surprise, that our group is now on a break until Stormblood. So we’re all free agents.

Meaning for Ryuh

It doesn’t change a whole lot for me, to be honest. I’ve already been looking into ways to avoid FFXIV burnout. Clearly trying to stay awake until unholy hours each weekend wasn’t really doing me any favors. I really like raiding and especially going with these folk though, so I’m excited to see what Stormblood has in store for us. I think the biggest difference without the group is now I’ll never get A11S drops and never see an A12S clear. Both of which aren’t so great, but at this point the gear is just about preparing for the expansion anyway. I can realistically do that with scripture equipment.

Not raiding also means I can more clearly focus on my health–and perhaps other ventures. I’ll need to figure out some new content to stream though. Maybe I’ll just stream my exvius gameplay, given how popular that was? Hrm.

Meaning for the Team

Well, we’ve got a MT who hasn’t taken a serious break since he started the game. An OT who gains most of his might from a member who hasn’t been able to play in ages. A BRD who probably won’t have internet for the foreseeable future. We’ve had multiple weeks where folk–Nikki and I included–have had to skip for various reasons unrelated to the game. It’s probably a good thing that we’re going on break from raid to avoid burnout and/or group collapse.

A huge chunk of this team has been together off-and-on in some shape or form since Final Coil. I do wonder how we’ll form and adapt to raiding in Omega. Maybe we’ll find out more with that as SE releases information on Stormblood and the new jobs. I’m still pumped for Samurai though! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!! ?

Final Break

That said, if there are any teams looking to carry some maybe/maybe not dead weight scrubs for bonus tomes–I know some people! (Myself included.)

Happy adventuring.~

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