Build It! – Shirogane

Build It! – Shirogane

The moment Shirogane was announced as a housing area, I knew I wanted to spend time there.

Shirogane Dreams

Shirogane was just amazing–especially for someone like me! Every single detail was perfect aside from the music. I’d like one day for the housing areas to have their own unique themes. It’d give that final touch of flavor, I’d like to think! There are plenty of great scenic spots for gatherings and photo opportunities, and the housing seems well placed. At first I wanted to get my own house here, but I never have the gil sitting around my purse. Usually that’s spent towards re-melding my raid gear every time something drops.

Besides, what exactly would I even do with it?


One of the loneliest things to see in FFXIV is a house sitting unused. This happens too often with people being otherwise preoccupied or entire Free Companies dying. Between the cottage Nikki and I share and our Free Company’s estate there’s not a whole lot more reason for anything else. I even have my own apartment which I’ve made into the Forge I’ve always wanted since housing became a thing. Sure, I could’ve always made it in a company private chamber but I never felt quite at home in any place to spend that kind of gil. And by the time we came to our new FC, I already had my Forge built. It’s my favorite place to craft and calm down!

Without any real reasoning to spend 4,000,000+ gil on something we already have, I’ve pretty much abandoned the idea.

Nikki’s Idea

When I spoke with Nikki about Shirogane housing, she offered to move our cottage there. My immediate concern was the quality of neighbors. Right now we’re across the street from Cirri, Reio and them–and down the road from Cloudius’ FC. They’re all really good people and I don’t think either of us wanted to lose that. So she asked me why I don’t just hang out there anyway, without being a resident? There are plenty of places to idle in without being a nuisance. And if I really wanted to go all out, I could move my apartment over.

I need to refurnish the Forge anyway, now that the maximum slots have increased from 50 to 100! So that’s my plan now… to rebuild the Forge as an even better crafting spot. I’m looking forward to the interior of Shirogane housing rooms!

But for now, a brief weeb-friendly respite. Happy adventuring!

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