Endless Eight

Howl dancing

While it pales in comparison to the forty-man raids of old, finding eight people who can attend raid nights consistently is tough! The more rare your scheduling and later your days, the worse it gets. Tuesdays are easier than Saturdays, for instance. It’s easier still if your age range involves mostly teenagers. Get a bunch of adults and you need to deal with careers, children, moving, etc. Today I’m going to talk a bit about what you can do to keep your raid going.

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Raiding With Your Significant Other

Ryuhkin and Refyll

Nikki and I have been doing endgame together for longer than we’ve been officially together. Our early dates were farming sky pop sets and such in FFXI. From this we’ve learned a few important lessons. It’s okay to have differences of opinion. And it’s better to communicate. I hope this entry might help a few of you out! Because we’ve definitely seen endgame throw apart several relationships before. You can raid and date–or even make dates of raids! All it takes is work, mutual respect, and trying your best to understand your significant other. Basically like anything else in a relationship.

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