Comfy Streaming

Some of you have noticed my recent return to streaming. For those who’ve been watching, thank you! I hope to keep it up, and I’m thinking that I will for a good while to come now.

New Group – BDE

The Bard in our D&D group, Rak, was talking weeks ago about how his raid team was looking for members to fill their roster. This was right around the time when I had started to gear Dragoon again. Nikki and I both thought we’d be finding a raid again soon, but not quite like this, so “the meta” was just a good choice. Rak got us in with his team as temporary fill-ins at first, and we joined on our first night. I still feel a bit sorry for stealing Rak’s Samurai spot, but he’s doing wonderfully on Bard too so… hm.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’ll always miss playing with a few specific people. Especially a certain robot whose always kept me on my toes, and been one of the few who can light my competitive flame like that. This team, BDE, has been great and super comfy. For starters, the grand majority of them have been on the ball with using she/her for me without hesitation. I’ve had experiences where it wasn’t deemed important to folk, and thus my preference wasn’t taken to heart. It really made wanting to login for those times hard.

Team Callouts

I have to give special notice to our tanks, Sabin and Shadow. Their coordination and teamwork are stellar compared to other pairings of tanks I’ve seen over the years. And I don’t feel like I have to spam Merciful Eyes for its 20% enmity reduction, which is a nice plus. Nikki claims that Hex has been one of the easiest healing partners she’s had in a long time. His experience and humility go a long way towards letting her learn these encounters.

Then there’s my fellow DPS! I’ve heard from others that Rak was notorious before for not being so great with ranged jobs. And yet, through a tremendous amount of hard, diligent work he’s come into his own on Bard. And that’s without letting his Samurai slip even slightly, which has my hands cramping just thinking of the next Samurai duel.

Chris, the raid leader, is our Summoner. He’s been stellar at keeping the enviroment chill and progression going smoothly, even when we’d all rather take a nap. At long last the Weekend Warrior of a Dragoon, Sophia, who seems to be Everyone’s Leader In General. She’s got a lot of energy and takes the initiative, and she’s great at calling encounters that she’s seen before. That helps a ton with entering a new fight, because she doesn’t gloss over anything that might be confusing but also doesn’t over-explain.

Comfy Return

A comfortable raiding environment, for your intent, desire, skill level, etc. is important in wanting to raid. Even though my desire has always been there, it’s shadowed over by some other problem. And sure, for me, quite a bit of that happens to be “how will people act when they hear my voice?” If I can’t trust those who raid with me to respect that one basic fact, is it really worth playing with them? Aside from a few minor, totally understandable slip ups, things have been awesome!

After a few weeks of having this super chill environment, and it working with progression, I decided to turn on my stream again. Heck, I think the first return to streaming was actually our Eternal Bond anniversary and I just kept it going from there. Not only can I use the same PTT key for both Discord and Streamlabs now (praise Azeyma), but I’m getting more comfortable just being me around others. And, at least to some extent, I’ve got this team to thank for that. Along with Nikki, our friends, our D&D group… so forth. Y’all get it.

Expect more streams on a regular basis! At least on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm Eastern, which is our raid schedule.

Comfy Hydatos

Continuing with the comfy theme: Hydatos. Holy heck y’all, Hydatos! There are no crazy steep things to climb to access a tiny ledge to jump onto. Monsters are reasonably spread out to where aggro isn’t always a ball of stress. And this zone is so freaking pretty! Finally a departure from a ton of ice everywhere (and some volcanoes I guess, in Pyros).

When I learned that the final relic path didn’t require any light farming, I couldn’t’ve felt any more relieved. That’s been something of a mild nightmare from Pagos and Pyros. The NM grind for crystals is still there, and crystal drop rates are low… but eh. It’s back to more content where I can instead relax and focus on chatting with friends, or write in my blog. Hello from Eureka, by the way!

I’ll be finishing up my Hydatos Blade into the Torigashira Eureka this weekend, so if you’re in there and on Primal, you might just see me around! I’ll try my best not to be just the AFK lump of a Paladin waiting to “LFG NM”. Honestly, the best bet if you want to chat is still Discord or Twitter. I’m really bad everywhere else. But! I’m excited to hold this i405 weapon–it should be a ton more DPS to push in for getting those clears more easily. Just need to work on the whole… dying bit.

Blade & Comfy

I’m kind of running out of comfy things here. Which is strange–the world is full of comfy! But I get pretty sleepy quickly on the progsterone so… blep. Eventually here, Nikki and I should be making some sort of return to Blade & Soul. We’ve heard about all of the new content coming, and all of the free stuff we’re getting with it. So that’s kind of an interest drawer, especially with getting to do something different to shuffle around our activities.

For a bit we wanted to boost new characters to 60, and we may still. Right now though, we’re hoping to level our old characters up to the current maximum and experience the story for what it is. I’m excited to get back to my Blade Dancer gal, even if I’ve zero idea what I’m doing on her anymore. As long as I can beat up story enemies… right?

Good night, and happy adventuring!

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