I think one thing I’m missing with FFXIV is that feeling of community. And that isn’t something that comes on its own.

Light Party

I was watching the entirety of Light Party with Nikki today, when it kind of dawned on me. We don’t really have that in FFXIV. Sure, we know a lot of people from many different groups, but there’s no like… binding element to join everyone together. And with how FFXIV itself is these days, it’s hard enough just getting people online–let alone wanting to do things. Heck, half of our Free Company hasn’t been online in over 144 days–up to 560 days.

But before I dive any further into my whining, you should go watch Light Party. It’s the hard work of Toitoi Pictures in celebration of FFXIV ARR’s Fifth Anniversary. Super cute, meaningful, and really touches your heart! After watching them all I couldn’t help but bawl for a little while.

Build It And They Will Come

I’ve heard of this expression, and definitely believe in it. If you create an opportunity that seems beneficial for others, they’ll eventually start to join in. Especially if you work hard at providing things and have a sort of open doors invitation policy. So what could I create and provide? Well, from memory usually giving people a space for help on dungeons, trials, and so forth works pretty well. The issue there is I really don’t have the energy to do those things on my own most of the time, let alone for others all day.

We’ve had our fair share of experiences in leading and helping to lead Free Companies. While we’re sort of also part of leadership of this one, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of juice to stir to begin with. I rarely even remember to put up FC buffs, when we definitely have enough points to keep them going. What we can provide for sure is a quiet atmosphere, although I think that’s more a byproduct of the circumstance of most of us being offline or playing at different times than merely ambiance.


One thing that’s kind of crossed my mind is the still somewhat surprising fact that people want to meet us at NA FanFest 2018. Don’t get me wrong–I’m very excited to meet y’all too! I’ve just always very much downplayed myself because well… it’s easier to pleasantly surprise people than to not live up to the image!

Nikki and I very much want to organize our time there at FanFest, doing as much as we can and hanging out with friends as much as we can. And having plenty of backup plans in case something else falls through, because that just sort of happens. Everyone there has a short amount of time to spend with a whole lot of people!

So I’ve considered making a sort of… community Discord, I guess? At the very least it might help out with organizing a few things for FanFest. And before and after, it might still just be a decent place for chatter if things work out. I’ve always thought my first FC would’ve had much more success as just a Discord for chat rather than as a guild. Maybe this will could be proof of that–we’ll see!

Happy adventuring!

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