Crafting Madness

Crafting brings a great satisfaction and peace to my world. Unfortunately, there are also a few things about it that drive me crazy.


I adore helping out people who’ve just started out or who are coming back to the game. Not only do they generally not need much, but they appreciate everything so thoroughly. It can be really exciting gearing them up for success and witnessing how far they go. Even if they end up quitting again, they might still remember you for the next time they play. Always good having friends who can rely on you, and it’s even better for business.

Now, I realize how bad this next part is going to sound. But… I also really don’t like some instances of newbies or returners asking for help. Like I’m 100% there for people who do the heavy lifting on their own. The people who research, practice, learn, and genuinely want to improve but just need a little push or people to help on a hard group fight? Awesome! But you’ll also have the few people who can’t even be weaned off after a few simple dungeons. Or people who want a new set of full HQ equipment every time new armor becomes available to them, despite dungeons giving a decent amount of drops usually.

I am here to help, and I like being relied upon, but do not make me your crutch please.

Frugal Friends

I always try to learn a lot from people who do their best to cut costs. My own method is usually just to buyout things because I’m lazy, but that can lead to too much expense quite often. Using XIVDB and other such sites to figure out the best places to acquire raw materials from, which vendors sell things, etc. really saves quite a bit from the purse! In many cases, it can also save a load of time–especially if you choose between mining up a ton of ore or buying the finished ingots from a vendor cheaply.

Unfortunately, some people have taken frugality a few steps too far. Whenever I hear, “Hey, can you craft me something real quick?” from certain people, I know it means the next hour or two of my day is going to be consumed. Sure, I might not have been doing much then, but those who’ve never crafted high-end items before rarely fathom how long it takes to pump out each craft. Getting the materials of materials for something I am far from skilled on is nice to ensure HQ. Getting the materials of materials for something insignificant is tedious. One time we were planning a primal farm early on, and someone needed gear for it. They wanted me to make a “few pieces” in a few minutes… and ended up wanting a full set done and provided me even down to iron ores.

Please remember the expression “time is money” when being frugal. If you’re spending fifteen minutes to save 12 gil, that’s really not worth anyone’s time!

New Raid Tier

Each new raid tier is an incredible source of profit for Nikki and myself. Unfortunately, it also tends to be a big source of stress. If we weren’t well enough prepared for gathering materials nor making the pieces, we might spend the whole first week of a major patch improving our equipment, rotations, and books to be ready for intake. Then comes preparing our raiders if we have a team, and getting ready to take on buyers. The relief of being done with the first major wave is amazing, and seeing how much we earned is even better.

The downside to a new raid tier, though, is how competitive endgame crafting is. We’re the tiny corner grocery store that’s found itself smashed up between an Amazon Warehouse and a Super Walmart. We lack the buying power and the connections to really drive massive amounts of materials, product, and sales. It can really make the effort we’ve put in feel particularly fruitless.

At least, fruitless until we realize we can make cute furniture! Happy adventuring!

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