Critical Ping

Critical Ping

I haven’t blogged in a long while ’cause well, I haven’t played FFXIV in a long while. But comments over the recent NA datacenter move have got me riled up so here we go.


There’s something about the loud, vocal minority in this community that really irks me. Like okay–in the FFXIV community as a whole we’re all about validation. Making sure we find our space to fit in as who we are without others judging us. And trying to make sure others can feel welcome around us. For a community that practically thrives on making people feel valid we sure as hell have problems sometimes in accepting the validity others’ feelings when they don’t line up with our own.

I could go and do a whole entry on this, but we’re focusing on the datacenter this time so I won’t spread around too much. In this case, people are having legitimate concerns about the difference in connection speed. Like, not all spiders are threatening to humans but some people (myself included) are scared of them anyway. Likewise–there’s very little actual issue for most players. As in, unless you’re consistently double weaving oGCDs you’re probably not going to notice a difference at all. Very quick connections would allow players to sort of… double-tap to get more of them in. And for a lot of people they’ll still be able to! And even more people still don’t even know how to weave oGCDs to begin with.

Let’s be fair here: more connection delay in an online game is generally unwelcome. But it’s much more welcome than comments telling people to stop whining, or that “well WE had to deal with it so it’s only fair now!” As though SE wanted a “punishment” to be evenly spread or something. And hey, sure, listening to the gripes can be emotionally exhausting. There’s no avoiding it sometimes–which is awful. Unfortunately, just as people can’t have the datacenter attached to their hip at all times–you can’t stop them from fielding their concerns and opinions. Just try your best to do what you need to in order to continue having a good day.

Strike the Fear

I logged on this morning to hit a striking dummy. It’s been over a month since I’ve actually played and longer still since I did anything serious. My Dragoon is super rusty but I wanted to see if my dummy settings (no food/pots/solo) on A12S dummy matched what I had expected.

And yeah, that’s pretty much what I had figured it would be. No real discernible difference from what was the norm before. Now, I don’t know what a Dragoon “should” pull on those dummies to be considered alright but I’m also aware I’m not reaching any top echelons on FFlogs. Back when we raided I was comparable within the top 150 to 200. I just don’t have the kind of drive to be the best of the best of the best. But, if you think the numbers I posted there are good or even better–chances are you won’t even notice a modicum of difference with this datacenter move.

If you double-weave your oGCDs, you might notice that you can’t anymore. Maybe with a VPN you can depending on what route it takes–but try your best to improve your connection if it bothers you that much. WTFast, PingZapper, and other VPNs might help. Leatrix Latency might help (and that’s free and super simple). There’s also a registry edit you can do but uh I don’t recommend that for a typical user.

The servers being used at the new datacenter are probably way more new and robust. We don’t have to deal with Level3’s fickle behavior anymore. It’s entirely possible that, with some workarounds on your own, this might not be an actual loss at all. If it is–that sucks and I’m so sorry.

Ryuhkin relaxing~

Never the End

No doubt SE will continue to observe the situation and try their best to appease as many as they can. This may mean they won’t appease you–because unfortunately that’s just an awful business model. I remember early on in 2.0 I would have to dodge AoE circles before the move really started up otherwise they would hit me. Yeah–I was one of many who cleared Titan HM when it was “the tough fight” by figuring out his timing. It really screwed with me if a group managed to push a phase a little faster.

And yet, what did SE do? They worked very closely with Level3 and various ISPs to try to fix things for the majority. Clearly they can’t work miracles but what they did over time was enough that connection issues were few and far between. Only a few times every blue moon would a disconnect wipe my team or end the raid night totally. And now with significantly reduced concerns of dropped packets, that might be even more rare of a problem!

I’m looking forward to what they’ve got in store for this. Sure, I’m not excited about my 50ms connection going to a 90ms connection but I’m not going to sit here and drop my feelings because others have it worse than I do. Nor am I going to shut up because others have HAD it worse than I do. But right now my own career knowledge is telling me this isn’t bad, and the past of seeing how hard SE works on their networking has me feeling this is going to turn out alright. I’ll sit here and continue to hope it does and keep on being active about what I feel strongly about. And you keep doing the same.

Happy adventuring~

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