DBZ Abridged Episode 60

DBZ Abridged Episode 60

Admittedly, I didn’t even know of DBZ Abridged until I started dating Nikki. But we’ve watched it all together. And we’ve been waiting for this episode to start to wrap the series up.

Day of Fate

I’m going right into the music to start. The battle of Gohan vs. Cell was important for a lot of reasons, but finally showing the culmination of Gohan’s growth was key. Especially with how well they built him up in the Abridged series. Normally he was already thinking a lot, but in DBZA he was downright over-analytical. The entire cast, friend and foe, regularly silenced him by shouting, “NERD!”

In the original English dub, he’s still thinking after 16’s speech… which didn’t work well. DBZA took the cue from the original JP version and had him completely silent. This geeky, overthinking kid has finally just let go of any hope of reasoning with Cell. There’s no more thinking, bargaining, nor talking his way out of this predicament. Just unfiltered emotion that begins to remove the seals on his ridiculous strength.

Not only did they portray this as perfectly as they could, again especially with the sixty episode plus movies buildup, but their rendition of Unmei no Hi was amazing. Very much looking forward to listening to the full version of that, which they’ve said is coming soon.

Serious Humor

Their world is literally being threatened, by the strongest, seemingly unbeatable foe. Team Four Star keeps this same feeling and calls it out time and again–why pin the fate of the world on death matches? But it’s just kind of an accepted notion by the cast now. Despite that, they also continue with their jokes and recurring gags. None of them seemingly out of place, despite the team getting their asses handed to them by the Cell Jr.’s and Gohan kind of just… being pre-berserk mode.

It’s gotta be tough, writing in jokes fairly naturally to their character in a situation where… you probably wouldn’t normally joke. But that sort of thing also makes sense coming from a raider’s perspective. It can be good, and even natural, to throw out the insults or call out someone’s ticks in a lighthearted, amusing sort of way to help loosen the tension on a situation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard variants on “lol Dragoon” jokes… even as a Samurai. So bravo to them on capturing this feeling.

Alright, Team Four Star… when are the next parts to finish us up? We need our fix!

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