Dead FC is Living FC

Every now and then I get an itch for an active Free Company. One with events and social activity and, well, not dead. But maybe a dead FC isn’t so bad after all.

Different Strokes

All too often my own desire for a bit more energy around gets the best of me. I forget there are different groups of people. Like, you’ve got your RP Free Companies who like the chatter and OC bios and the like. There are raid Free Companies who push for progression and clearing content. There are so many different types that I couldn’t seem to fathom that a type might exist that isn’t active at all.

I’ve blogged about it before, but it really dawned on me this morning. My Free Company, Mephisto’s Cafe, doesn’t need to be active. It’s better that we aren’t. Any time someone tries to join us I warn them that we don’t do things, that we’re unlikely to push for clears or special events. That our chat is mostly dead and people have wonky work hours so sometimes you’re fairly alone. But I’ve been looking at this in the wrong way.

There are people who want that! People who only want a nicely decorated house with a teleport close to the market wards. There are folk who want a quiet chat with no obligation to do anything they weren’t planning on during their own day. As long as we keep buffs up and maybe acknowledge them when they need, they’re fine. And y’know what? I’m finding myself liking this type more and more.

Too Much is Too Much

I’ve been part of a few larger Free Companies, and have even participated in events made by some others. What I’ve noticed, and what should’ve been obvious, is that when you say you’ll do all of these fancy great things for people? They’ll expect it whenever they want it. Doesn’t really matter if you’re in downtime mode or raiding or what–why aren’t you helping them? I’ve had my fair share of people who fussed back when I led things because I wasn’t willing to drop my pre-scheduled raid time to help them clear something else. Like… seriously?

So when you’re telling people off the bat: hey, we don’t do anything really aside from maybe some maps on occasion? They’ll know that’s what to expect. And there are plenty of people who want that, especially if they’ve recently come from those big active Free Companies. Sometimes people want the space to do their own thing but have it be a little easier with buffs and the like, and not have to be “on” all the time. I’m glad we can provide that, and I’m glad I haven’t tried to steamroll it away before I got back to this answer.

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