Deltascape: Week One

Deltascape: Week One

We had some truly outstanding progress in Deltascape Savage for its first week!

Impressed Enough

I’m impressed enough we even have eight raiders, to be frank. We started Stormblood with eight people who said they’d be ready–but Bandaid had to step down for real life commitments. When you lose a strong main tank, worries are abound. Alma stepped up to the plate and leveled their Paladin despite really enjoying the DPS life. And they’re doing super well! This still left us with an open slot though. I tried filling it on Twitter, but those who answered weren’t ready for the raid life again. Then Nikki tried Facebook, and we connected with our new Bard–Maho.

Concerns Alleviated

There are always a lot of concerns when finding a new raider. Will they fit in? Will they like us? What if we don’t like them? What if their performance is lackluster? How would we handle it if they’re unreliable in attending? I remember my time as raid leader was scattered with private /tells from people about other members in the raid. All of those people are gone now, but hell. When you’re a leader and your members are saying, “It’s them or me”… like shit don’t give me that when people are already hard to find.

Thankfully, Maho has fit in splendidly. She meshes well with the group as a whole, keeps jokes right along with the rest of us–and her performance is more than adequate. She was excited enough to get full 320 crafted gear for herself so I doubt that flame will burn out any time soon. We all pretty much agreed that she’s much too good for us and are thrilled to have her on board.

O1S Downed!

I haven’t cleared an “on content level” raid on the first week since Binding Coil. Almost entirely due to the attendance issue, but also from having people on the team who don’t revv up when the challenge is presented. We’ve always raided with limited time–which means we need to maximize every minute we can get. This team is filled with people who have lit that fire and are here to rise up as a group.

Sure we’re not the best around–none of us are–but I think this weekend we proved to ourselves that we’ve got the guts needed. Each run we’ve done something we’ve gotten better (as long as we give ourselves time to grease the axles). It’s been to the point that we’re willing to push just one more attempt… and that sinks it! Deltascape v1.0 Savage cleared!

We got a casting accessory which went to our leader and Red Mage, Aud. The other drop was a slaying ring, which our Monk, Elyon, won over me. Gotta love my 11 power lots…

Holy Shiiii–

I couldn’t believe it! We downed a freaking raid boss on week one! Now we’re gonna be like other groups with people having 18 datalogs sitting around waiting for them to level a new job to deck it out in gear. But wait… we have more raid days left! O1S was downed on night one! So onto OS and fighting the tentacool monster, Catastrophe.

Honestly any progress we’d get here would just be icing on the cake. I was on cloud nine from the raid clear already–you could’ve knocked me out with a feather. We’ve got one basically new to raiding, three on totally different roles, and a few on different jobs. We weren’t expecting anything except for some fun in challenging ourselves. And then we go and get not just one victory on the first week, but two!

O2S Downed!!

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Whoaaaaa!!! Okay–seriously though I am beyond stoked! Two raid clears on the first week?! This is awesome! We got both tanking feet and striking feet to drop. I forgot who got the tanking boots, but I passed the striking ones to Elyon. Aud reserved the first oil for himself–and gave me our first tomestone. In his words, “You’re basically 1000 DPS above the second highest, it would be stupid not to.” This changes my gearing plans completely around–but I’m okay with this! More weapon damage is gonna lead to me smacking way harder than before.

Instead, I’ll request Nikki to gather materials for the striking crafted body along with my Paladin stuff. When we go challenge O3S we’ll need every drop of juice we can squeeze out–and I don’t want to be holding anything back.

I’m sad that I forgot to stream last night–but I didn’t think we’d clear, honestly. Alma did though so you can view our struggle over on their Twitch probably. I’m so proud to be a part of this team. 😭

Secondary Concerns

Now that we’re actually getting clears in, we’re going to start picking our secondaries out. For me… I wonder. Sure I’ve got Dragoon to 70, and I’ll always love DRG even if they break it further. But I’m working on leveling Paladin now (68 as of this post!) because it’s pretty much my standard, “Go do things outside of raid time” job. Hunts? Paladin. Dungeons? Probably Paladin–if no other tanks are online at least. I’ve also filled in as our alt tank a few times during Heavensward and have approval of both Bandaid and Ryan.

I don’t really want to be “that person” and have maiming gear fall to me out of coincidence, but I don’t want to risk losing out on getting my tank geared properly either? Hm. Decisions.

Anywho–happy adventuring! 😀

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