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DRG and SAM Speculation

So I’ve learned a bit more about Dragoon and Samurai speculation and theory that I want to cover today. Note that these are only for PvE, because PvP rotations and skills may be pretty different!

Dragoon – Ability Cuts

Thanks to the Ninjas of the world we’ve learned their “Shadowfang” now applies both a DoT and the Slashing debuff. This means SE cut down ability bloat–huzzah! We see from the Live Letter Yoshida’s DRG bar… Phlembotomize is missing. As are Power Surge and Ring of Thorns. The current idea is they’ve also been removed or reworked into other things. That or Yoshi-P doesn’t know how to organize DRG hotbars.

Either way, I’d very much appreciate a removal of PB given the new rotation we’re looking at. Fewer buttons to press and things to keep track of will be awesome. Especially with how high of a TP cost PB was–90 TP for a DoT! And given its DoT status, it wasn’t even something you used in many cases (trash mobs that die quickly, etc.) I’d like to see Power Surge’s effect merged into Blood of the Dragon to give an even more significant boost to Jumps while keeping that effect up.

Dragoon – Adjustments

The potency of Dragonfire Dive and of Geirskogul have both been increased. Geirksogul no longer consumes “Blood of the Dragon” timer, but instead of being on a 10s recast it’s now on a 35s recast. That’s a pretty significant change from before and will lead to a huge drop in Geirskogul-provided DPS. Then we have our five hit combo now–we can chain together Wheeling Thrust and Fang and Claw. Both of these now also give 10s bonus to BotD down from 15s–but being able to do them back to back makes up for that. It’s also a pretty huge TP conservation gain, especially when paired with the -10 TP cost to all of our main combo abilities.

Blood Steps

Next up, we have our UI management. BotD opens up two stacks of “Dragon’s Eye” which we see in A. Our jump attacks give a temporary buff which enables the use of Miracle Dive (that vertical Geirskogul). Miracle Dive gives another stack of “Dragon’s Eye” which is seen in B and C. Once we’re at four stacks of Dragon’s Eye, we use Geirskogul to transition into “Gaze of the First Brood” or what they’re calling “Crimson Blood of the Dragon”. That’s long so let’s call it Crimson Blood.

Under Crimson Blood we don’t see the DRG using Geirskogul again–only its upgraded version called Nastrond. Like Reiokyu noted, they don’t show the DRG using their combo again after Nastrond so we’re unaware if it’s possible to extend/refresh the duration of Crimson Blood like we do with… Azure Blood? Sure–that’s shorter. Under Crimson Blood the DRG also uses a thrust skill that creates five spear images. Yes–that’s no doubt Penta Thrust. We’ve got it back, baby!

Samurai – Moar DoTs

Actually, less DoTs! As far as we know right now, SAM has no observed DoT damage. Which might very well explain a lot of the pretty absurd potencies attached to their attacks. And honestly Samurai has enough to freaking keep track of without some DoT numbers getting in the way too! It has a billion oGCDs like DRK, it builds up stacks to unleash strong attacks like WAR, and it’s quick and full of different combos like NIN. Combine those for probably a nightmare of a job to master–but I’m looking forward to it all the same!

Sen and Iai

Samurai – Sen and Iai

So we know one aspect of Samurai revolves around their Sen charges and the Iai moves that consume them. We have three: the one on the left is a single target strike that consumes 1 Sen. The middle is our conal AoE that functions like Holy and consumes 2 Sen, Tenka Goken. Finally on the right is another single target hit–way stronger–that consumes 3 Sen is called Midare Setsugekka.

At first I thought to myself, “Why bother having two different ST Iai strikes?” But then I remembered two factors. First, that SAM isn’t just going to be the max level with all of its abilities. It’s probable that we won’t have Midare Setsugekka until later on in levels. Second, I remembered basic dungeon combat and fighting adds from the years of playing this game. It’s usually a bad idea that you run your entire rotation on enemies when you know they’re going to die quickly. In this case, doing the 1 Sen strike as you destroy trash mobs might be a good plan. Then you can estimate how many more combos you can get in before the boss to have 3 Sen ready for your 720 potency Midare strike!

SAM combos

Samurai – Combos

We have three branching ST combos and two branching AoE combos. The first is our Hakaze > Jinpu > Gekko combo which deals 150 > 290 > 400 potency with a 10% Damage Up buff and Sen of the Moon activating. The second is Hakaze > Shipu > Kasha which deals 150 > 290 > 420 potency and gives us a 10% Attack Speed buff and Sen of the Flower. Finally is Hakaze > Yukikaze which deals 150 > 350 potency and grants the 10% Slashing debuff and Sen of Snow.

The bottom lists our branching AoEs. We open with what seems to be a short range conal attack and that follows into one of two larger AoEs that seem centered on the user. This is actually really great coming from the world of DRG where Geirskogul was considered for AoE damage. Remember that our 2 Sen strike, Tenka Goken, is AoE! Funnily enough, we have two AoE finishers here that each grant their own Sen. I presume the first giving Snow and the latter giving Flower. Either way, Samurai has a very fluid system for AoE damage so that’s less worries over trash enemies. The TP cost is kind of bothersome but I’m used to that with Doomspike. Ugh.

Finally, not pictured is a lone ability at 160 TP that seems to be a linear AoE. I don’t know if that will grant any Sen, though. Either way, one key focus of Samurai will be knowing when and how to use your Sen to its best effect. We don’t yet know if they fade, and that’ll vary if we’re going to consume all Sen before a boss jumps or build them up before it jumps to land a Midare on them when they’re back.


Samurai – Cooldowns

So on our left here we have Meikyo Shisui. This removes combo requirement for your next three weaponskills, up to 10s, and has an 80s recast on it. The basic idea here is to use it to build your Sen gauge up for Midare Setsugekka–but it can also be used to quickly adhere all of your buffs. I can see this being handy in the sense of Perfect Balance like when the boss finally stops being invulnerable, you pop everything up and get back to work.

Next up is Ageha, which is one of those “only available when the target is at or less than 20% HP” oGCDs. It deals 250 potency and is on a 60s timer, which is a little bit of free damage. The other three shown we can only assume are relevant to Hissatsuken from their Sen-like colors.


Samurai – Hissatsuken

Every weapon skill except for Iai skills will generate at least 5 Kenki (the gauge). Weapon skills that are comboed and done from the corresponding positional grant 10 Kenki. Finally, Ageha grants 15 Kenki. Kenki maxes out at 100 and enables us to use Hissatsuken abilities. These all have no recast time, a 1s cooldown, and cost Kenki to perform. The two 25 Kenki skills listed are “Hissatsuken: Shinten” dealing 300 potency ST damage and “Hissatsuken: Kyuten” dealing 150 potency radial AoE damage. The 50 Kenki skill is called “Hissatsuken: Guren” but we’re still not sure of its effects.

Finally, the 20 Kenki cost skill appears to be a buff of some sort. The middle 10 Kenki costing skill is likely a 20y~ gap closer, and the final skill is another AoE. For the two remaining skills–it is believed the green skill becomes active with 100 Kenki stored and once used, will activate the 15 Kenki cost skill. Sort of similar to how WAR works now.

So again–Samurai is going to put out some super strong damage when done correctly. I’ve got good hopes for that buff because I can’t imagine them re-MNKing a job after fixing MNK. Come on now, SE…

Happy adventuring!

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