Early Eureka

Early Eureka

So I guess it’s a good idea to start talking a bit about Eureka now.

What We Know

Eureka tells us the story of a young boy who wants to join an outlaw gr–…oh. Oh that’s not this Eureka? Okay, well… fine I guess.

It seems to me that Eureka might very well become our new Dynamis. Eureka has room for 144 players per instance and is an expansive field that you won’t be able to fly in until fully explored. There are extremely strong enemies and even FATE-style notorious monsters to combat. Sounds familiar to Diadem, right? Going based on what we know (here and here) I’m going to assume it’s essentially Diadem’s spiritual successor.


As for rewards, we know we’ll be getting dye-friendly AF3 with… special effects?! In addition to equipment with role restrictions removed that players have been requesting. Those of us who love our glamours might very well appreciate Eureka quite a bit. And we can’t forget the Protean Crystals, which we’ll somehow utilize to acquire and improve our “Eureka weapons and gear”. Here come the new relics! Elyon was wondering if he should save his tomestones and just focus on the relic, but we don’t know the final iLvl of the weapon yet so it might be best to stay on course and keep aware for now.

Personal Expectations

Just like any other relic-based content, this will be active and “hype” for a brief period of time at least. You’ll gain the most out of it by running early with those wanting their weapons. However, if the glamour rewards are cute then there’ll always be a constant flow of people here. I assure you: I make most of my gil on those sweaters even now. Aside from a few idgits undercutting constantly with an enormous supply of them, they sell like hot cakes.

Diadem didn’t have enough to keep people returning, unless you were a gatherer. Diadem II didn’t have much to get people going at all even. So I think they’ve learned their lesson about attracting a crowd: we all love our glam glams. And if they’re cute enough? We’ll endure the pain for beauty.

Happy adventuring!

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