Eternal Bond Anniversary

Prior to meeting Nikki, if you had asked me if I was happy, I’d probably tell you I was. Life was alright, but that’s mostly because I had no idea what life really felt like. I could’ve never imagined myself as whole and content as I am now. And it’s been a little over a week, but let me share a bit of our Eternal Bond anniversary ceremony.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Wedding

This is the third Eternal Bond ceremony we’ve held. Our first was intended to be on Hyperion, but had to be rescheduled as we moved to Excalibur prior to the original date. That worked out because we managed to secure Valentine’s Day as our Eternal Bond date, back in 2015 before I was even out. The second was… back on Hyperion of all places, on our alt characters!

Our first ceremony had quite a few people in attendance, but the second had just the one guest. She oversaw our alts being wed, and we even got to meet her in person at FanFest. Going from the paid wedding with a larger amount of people to a free one with just three of us there was radically different, but nice all the same.

Nikki worked very hard to organize sending invites out for our third, and first anniversary, ceremony. I guess it’s a little off to say “first anniversary” given it’s been four years since our first Eternal Bond! We had several great and close friends show up, and even some new ones as members of our raid team were in attendance. Thanks to all of you who were there, in character and on stream. This meant a lot to us both!

A Fourth Time Cometh

I might’ve already announced this somewhere, but we’re planning to get married offline next year on February 15th. Things aren’t necessarily set in stone, as we’ve gone from spring to summer dates, from smaller ceremony to just seeing a Justice of the Peace. We’re working out the details over time, and have plenty of time to do so!

Clearly we should wait for the next FanFest… eh, nah! Proposing to her there was already perfect. ?

Along with that news, we’re starting to look for our own house. Right now we’re renting the property we live in. While our landlord has been truly fantastic these past several years, it’d be nice to be able to eventually start owning something. I’m not particularly stoked about having to repair things on our own, but that’s part of the fun right?

Computing Vacation

The house will be delayed a teeny bit though! One of those reasons happens to be that our computers are both pretty ancient. We’d like to start new builds and have them ready early into Shadowbringers depending on our budget by then. My computer routinely has issues and her monitors are of different sizes and… yeah just a lot of things to fix.

Newegg has a lot of sales lately, so we’ll be looking at a build we both like and going from there. I may or may not RGB the ever loving heck out of everything, but that does tend to add extra, usually unnecessary cost. Ensuring our systems can continue for another six or seven years of gaming will be nice!

The other reason for our mild delay: we’re going to put most of the “otherwise expensive wedding” funds into our honeymoon. When I was growing up I really never thought I’d be saying things like this ever. Wedding? Honeymoon? I was convinced I wouldn’t find anyone, let alone the love of my life.

Fantastic fiancee? Check. Great friends? Check. Wonderful parents? (I’ll get back to that later.) Check. Life keeps on getting better, and I hope it does for y’all too!

Happy adventuring!

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