Eureka Pyros

Now that I’m “done” with Eureka Pyros, it’s time to talk about it. After all, talking will help with the healing process.

Versus the Past

Anemos was like a gift to the lazy and the YouTube viewers. It called out to all of us who missed Final Fantasy XI even a little bit. Anemos gave us a home where grind was the name of the game, and your grind was well rewarded. The more you ground in deeper, the faster your rewards would be possible–the more your grind was worth.

So naturally, when Pagos came out most of us were quite excited. At least, we were until we took one foot into the zone. Oh hell no. It took the team a long time to figure out how to fix Pagos. Most of those fixes were really just “let’s make it a teeny bit more like Anemos, until the community is more content than not.”

Then we were given Pyros, and I was still disillusioned by Pagos. So I didn’t come here for a very long time, despite it being arguably a decent return to FFXI-esque content without having to login through PlayOnline. I do sometimes miss the guy singing at the beginning of the intro song. Anyway, had I known what I was getting myself into here, I would have told myself to run away and never look back.


Anemos was designed fairly decently, with wide open spaces and few instances of the Z axis being a preventing factor. The same person definitely was not responsible for Pagos, there’s just no way. In Pagos you had to run around half the zone to get over a wall. And, in more than a few cases, you had to jump off specific points on the ledge–surrounded by aggro mobs–to land on a middle platform that lead to various caves. It was awful!

Pyros took a step in improving things, while keeping the landscape challenging. Monsters were downright everywhere, and I regularly felt the rush of fear for my life and EXP. However, locations were also significantly more simple to access. A better streamlined map, but still dauntingly frightening, made for a good experience overall. I felt really satisfied each time I leveled up and found another set of enemies that couldn’t aggro me anymore.

Content Design

While the NM trains are definitely a priority in Pyros, as they were in Anemos, things are quite a bit more subdued. There’s parties of all sorts around! Some of them are grinding lights for their relics in various locations. Others are preparing other NMs to spawn. Some are leveling the old fashioned way. Others are completing their challenge logs. There’s even a few people who just seem to go into a zone to chat and shoot the breeze the entire time.

Whatever your goal, Pyros has felt infinitely more comfortable in that regard than Pagos ever did. And that’s coming from a circumstantially solo player in Eureka!

Pyros Relics

I both love and hate the pyros relic quests. To start with, it’s really more of the same you endured through Anemos. Collect crystals (thankfully more rapidly than in Pagos…) to trade in along with your weapon. On the final step, you need “Penny” cores. I can’t spell her name and I’m writing this at work, but Penny is her community nickname. Anyway, get five of those–three on a gold as long as you’re at elemental level 49 or higher–and you can proceed.

The pyros base relics, however, have no secondary stat at all. You’re given an upgraded kettle, and now are able to grind light similarly to how you did it in Pagos: killing monsters and NMs. Some NMs, like the Owl and Dux, give such significant light that most light grind parties will stop what they’re doing to go out of their way to do them. For every 2 crystals you receive from the forge, one bar of light for each, you may perform a single roll on your weapon.

Consider each line to be a single d20. You roll this d20, and sometimes you unlock another line–another d20. Now you can roll 2d20 next time, if you accept the changes! This goes all the way up to five lines, with each line being a maximum of 200 secondary stat. While the stats will be relevant for your job type, they might not be the ones you want nor the amount that you want. Those are completely random each time and can be lower than before! However, you won’t be losing the five lines you’ve accumulated.

I’ve been grinding my pyros blade for so long that I’ve hit elemental level 58 without stepping foot into Hydatos. So I’m just going to take what I’ve got now and enter that starting this evening before and after raid. I’ve got 405 critical hit, 200 direct hit, and 185 skill speed leading to a 790 total stat weapon. Given the raid weapon with max meld is 685, that’s not awful! And I can always improve it… later. When my mental health has recovered from this eternal grindfest.

Until then, I’m looking at about a possible 300~320 DPS upgrade between my weapon and fixed up melds. And then upwards of 110 more if I continue polishing the relic at a later date. Will any of y’all go for weapons, or stop somewhere along the way just for a pretty glamour?

Happy adventuring!

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