Fairy Wish Prince

My raid’s current goal is to down Halicarnassus in Omega: Deltascape V3.0 Savage. We call him the Fairy Wish Prince.

Raid and Perspective

We’ve been discussing perspective a lot lately when it comes to progression in MMORPGs. People who’ve been raiding and clearing since Day 1 are worlds apart from someone who can’t find the people to raid with at all, for instance. If both have missed a few weeks of tomes, even if they have terrible RNG the one who has been raiding will have acquired pages and experience to help them if they need to PUG. On the other hand, the one who hasn’t been raiding will have lost on a great deal of tomestones. I don’t want to go as far as saying “check your privilege”. However, it’s good to be aware of the differences in overall experience others might have.

And speaking of tomestone limits… it really makes you wonder why the weekly tome limit isn’t a consecutive cap? Like–unlock the tomes once you’ve reached the appropriate content and start building the limit from there. This keeps the natural gate that SE seems to want without punishing players for having lives outside of the game. Not to mention… why again do we have a content gate? I can maybe understand staving off boredom, but let’s be fair here: what keeps us playing FFXIV isn’t the content but the friends we play with. That’s a lesson I re-learned once Aud and Bandaid called me back to Eorzea as a rep for Nidhogg EX. Other than “keeping us around”, the content limit doesn’t bar the raids from being cleared in any way. High-end raiders can and will clear them in pentamelded crafted equipment!

4.0 Glamour

So Close, but Yet So Far

When discussing my own raid, now that we’ve seen enrage on O3S we’re just about there to clearing it. Some people will think, “You guys aren’t on Neo yet?” While others might think, “Wow! That’s really awesome!” I’m of the mindset that it will be kind of neat having a 340 weapon at my waist before you can upgrade them with the 24-man raid! But see, I come from an experience of not having raids cleared on the first week of content. I’ve never been the girl who can say she has sixteen pages from the first and second raids laying around to upgrade her alt jobs with. Knowing that we still have a very good chance at clearing this tier while it’s still “relevant” is super exciting!

And speaking of a raid clear, I’m hoping to have my new glamour set finished before we do. I’ve tried wearing the fuga set but I need some more air for my legs! It’s a great crafting glamour though. Here’s to hoping I secure some decent dungeon luck tonight. I’d go on Paladin for the faster queues, but then I can’t Need on the striking gear… augh!

Relaxing in Goblet

Free Company

For a long time now the names and permission settings of the ranks in the Free Company have bothered me. Why are they all over the place?! Well, when they founded the Free Company they didn’t intend to do anything with it–so there wasn’t a whole lot of careful planning involved. So after we finished up with the carbuncle walls for the company estate, I got together with Aud (and Zuv he was there) to come up with some rough ideas as to how to handle these things.

I’ve always admired the leadership team of Aud and Bandaid. Aud would make sure nothing got too out of line. He’s very good at reaching out to people and talking with them. Meanwhile, Bandaid was the ignition and engine. He’d toss invites out to stuff and drag people along for a good time. There was no “I’m capped tomes” for him–he’d just help, everyone and anyone. After a long time of that–he’s finally getting the break he deserves and I’m glad to hear he’s doing well! Yet, now our Free Company is without that engine.

If we had the people on at the same time, it’d be easy to get a group together for primal clears. I want to be able to do that for those who haven’t secured them yet, but everyone’s schedule is so varied–and my reputation means that sometimes finding PUGs to fill in is difficult. Eh… maybe I’ll throw the idea out in Discord after I submit this and see what I can do. I’m really more the structure type, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try being an engine again for people who are definitely worth it! I want the members of Mephisto’s Cafe, my friends, to have a good time here in Eorzea… so I’ll do what I can!


Story Complete

I’ll avoid any actual discussion on the story and spoilers since it’s not been very long since release. But my goodness was I not prepared! At any rate, now I’m trying to keep up with everything unlocked in 4.1. I picked up my Kojin dailies yesterday but totally forgot to do them… in exchange I actually went to bed at a mildly reasonable hour. Thankfully I can still do them today along with today’s set, and probably rank up for a third set. Am I really ready for that much turtle in my life, though? I’m not sure.

I’ve also got to get a grip on my crafting weeklies for red and yellow scrips. Looking into making the new gear is super daunting but I’ve got a feeling we’ll be needing that for some next ridiculous step up. Please, SE, stop pushing people into considering Rath’s Rotation at these requirements! There are too many darn steps! I don’t want to sit there each raid tier for days on end crafting things when it could be all done in an hour or two instead. That said, there might be some rotations for me to dig up that might be… a smidgeon faster. We’ll see!

Happy adventuring!

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