FanFest Preparations

FanFest Preparations

We’re making all of our final plans to prepare for FanFest now. And goodness what a bunch to do, before we even start doing!

Raid Forming

To start off, a slight diversion. I’m making a raid team! We still have a tank slot and a melee slot open right now. I’d very much welcome a WAR or DRK, and a DRG or NIN. The melee slot would probably extend to Monk too, but you’d need to be like… Reiokyu tier for that.

If you’re available on Fridays and either Saturday and/or Sunday from 10pm to 1am Eastern, want to raid, and can play those jobs in Savage content? Hit me up! Or Refyll–whoever of us you feel better chatting with. We don’t require any previous raiding experience, just a will to learn, a desire to have fun, and a stubborn streak that will endure us smashing our heads against many walls.

Unfortunately, the most daunting aspect of raid building right now is the time. Even if we find people quickly, there’s FanFest coming up. Then the holiday season, which always seems to heavily cut schedules. On the bright side this is probably the final raid this expansion. That means we’ve got all the time in the world to clear it and prepare for 5.0!

Movie and Shopping

We’ll be seeing the Bohemian Rhapsody movie tonight, which Nikki has been wanting to see for ages now. And probably doing a bit of shopping too! We’ve got to make sure we’ve not only got supplies ready for travel to Vegas and our stay there, but gifts for tomorrow’s big event. I think we still have a few little bottles of stuff here and there from our trip to Missouri last year, at least. But we may as well get new stuff. Sure the hotel will no doubt have things but… eh? It’s like how your own bed is always better than anywhere else.


Tomorrow morning we’ve been invited to attend a friend’s wedding. He’s an old coworker of mine, and one of the few I can earnestly call a friend from my time here. While others basically disappear from the moment I walk out of the building, he always kept in touch.

One time I took some of my hydrocodone acetaminophen here at work, when I was in pain from my kidney stone. I had come into work thinking I wouldn’t need it, that I’d be fine… nope! I took the pill because I wasn’t fine, and thought that I’d be sober enough to continue working efficiently. Nope! I was texting just about everyone on my phone, saying all sorts of things.

This friend of mine noticed I was off totally. After asking me what was wrong and getting my story, he hoisted me onto his shoulder and carried me to Burger King. Thankfully we’re within walking distance from my office, but I’d not trust anyone else to do that. With some food in my stomach and fresh air on my face I snapped back enough to finish the day.

I was able to be there as a friend for him during his bad breakup and all of the trouble around that. He told me eventually about this girl he’d met a while back, and how they just clicked and lifted each other up. How his kids adored her, and how she loved them back. And now we get to attend this friend’s wedding! I’m not very big on formal events and the like, but I couldn’t be happier for him.

Smile and Glam

Yesterday I had my dentist appointment, and unfortunately I’ve capped out my dental insurance so that wasn’t fun. It’s rare that I have dental insurance that stays within the same network, being a contractor and all. These appointments have been the first time I’ve seen a dentist in seven years. I’m not fond of the pain nor the scolding, and it kind of feels like I’m being paid to be stabbed and fussed at. But the results do eventually speak for themselves! Surprisingly, I’ve managed to go completely without cavities this whole time. Lucky!

We’re considering getting me a hair cut too. This is probably the most daunting part of all the preparation. I haven’t had my hair cut in years, and the last cut was super short. I probably should’ve continued to get healthy trims while growing it out, but around here it’s tough. So many hair dressers and stylists want to bring out my handsome side, no matter how much I tell them I want to keep the length. Finding a trans friendly stylist seems a tough challenge, especially one that won’t bring it up given how chatty some can be. And one that won’t treat me any differently… oi.

HRT Follow-Up

By the time FanFest rolls around, I’ll be less than a week away from my third month on estradiol and spironolactone. Given how long it took the first time to get a supply, I’d rather have my appointment sometime before that in order to keep the train rolling. Running out of HRT would be awful and something I’d absolutely rather avoid. Even skipping a dose once because of how forgetful I can be wasn’t very fun.

I went in with very little to no expectations, but you can’t help but be a bit hopeful by others’ progress. When you hear some women who within the first month, without any extra effort, are able to be seen by others as just any other woman it gets the heart going.

It’s good to acknowledge that everyone ever has their own progress and path in puberty. That genetics play the biggest factor, followed by your personal health and self-care. Remember that presentation is a huge drive towards how people see you, and sometimes the smallest of tips on the balance can make all the difference.

HRT Continued: Personal Progress

At a little over two months, so far I can tell you that my chest is… sensitive. Way more sensitive than I could’ve ever imagined. I acutely feel my shirt stretch across when I move my arms. There’s a slight uncomfortable bounce when I run or jog, or whenever we hit a speed bump or something. I can’t properly express the pain when someone accidentally or playfully hits me in the chest. And it’s worse when something falls on them or when I scrape them on something.

I used to enjoy slamming face-first onto the bed or the couch after a long day at work. That just doesn’t really fly anymore. There’s this spreading tenderness that reminds me, “Oh, yeah, those hurt. I just dropped about half of my body weight onto them. Ow.” On the bright side, we already know someone who can do fitting for me when the need for a bra comes around. I mean, I won’t be buying there… that’s like buying a toddler designer clothes.

My need for shaving has gone way down too. Before I’d need to shave my face once every three to four days. Now I can go a whole week and still be pretty much fine to go out. My skin is a whole lot softer apparently, though also a whole lot more dry. I’d start peeling like I had a sunburn, but Nikki’s got me starting on lotion moisturizing which is working wonders. But again, everyone has their own experiences and rates at what they experience. Just keep doing what makes you happy, and keep on trying to be a better person.

FanFest Itself

We’ve got a Discord server set up for people going that we’ll be trying to do stuff with. Or at least see sometime! Hit either Nikki (Refyll) or myself up if you want into that. It’ll be easier reaching us there on Discord than on Twitter, for sure. Sometime soon we’re going to start trying to make loose plans on where and when to eat, and if there’s any sights around we want to see.

We already know for sure that we’ll be going to this one exhibit with Eva and a few others and that sounds super awesome. I’m particularly excited about that one, especially with how nerdy about the topic I was as a kid. Nikki wants to eat at least at a place called EggSlut–she’s wanted to go ever since we couldn’t make the previous FanFest. And I can’t guarantee that during any point of the festivities that she’ll be totally sober. I’ll be fine though, as I don’t drink!

I’d like to get the two of us some coordinated shirts for the event. We’ll see about that, especially given how close we are to the flight.

Hope to see some of you at FanFest! Happy adventuring!

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