Fashion Report

Fashion Report

No, I’m not sure what the answers for this week’s Fashion Report are yet.

Glamour Is the True Endgame

While I’ve known this for a long while, it’s especially prevalent while not raiding. It’s important to look cute while fighting for justice, but when all you can do is look cute… might as well try to get even better at it! I’ve wanted those Spring Bottoms shorts for a while now. Trouble is, I was either too broke from raid supplies or too tired from raiding to try. Now I’m well on my way towards getting them and super excited about it. There are so few decent shorts options for melee DPS and I’ll be thoroughly enjoying these when I get them!

The Truth to my Fashion

I’ve actually only got the very basics of a sense of fashion. Like, I can come up with something pretty standard–but I’ve got to get it checked by a few reliable sources. Aud checks my shoes, as he’s absolutely the Shoe God. Nikki checks out my basic color patterns and Aud sometimes supports her with the finer details. And then Alma checks how different each piece of my set is. There’s apparently bonus points for matching pieces from unique sets and making them blend well together.


I’m always jealous of people who manage to perfect their aesthetic in a way unique to their presence. Like, you know when an artist pushes out a batch commission of avatars or something? How you can recognize a few without even seeing the @s or names listed? That person isn’t just [Random Blonde Catgirl #8] but they’re an entity onto themselves.

This is something that tends to sit in the back of my mind sometimes. Like, I’ve got the generic blue and green heterochromia–even if mine are so close you can’t tell without being in my face. And I’m a pretty typical fair-skinned, blonde Sun Seeker Miqo’te. When people see my screenshots or art of my character pass their feeds, do they know it’s me at all without looking?

Granted, I suppose with this my narcissistic attention whore side is in full throttle. I want to give the artists who are so awesome with commissions and the super appreciated rare gifts some attention and recognition, and I wouldn’t mind a bit either! Every little heart on social media brings a smile to my face and I can’t seem to help it.

The True Reason: All of that MGP

So another great reason for doing the Fashion Report is really easy MGP. If you score above a certain threshold, you’ll find yourself with a full 60,000 extra MGP each week. That’s an extra little bonus on top of the neat exclusive items you’ll be able to gain access to purchase over time! I’ve never been one for going out of my way to farm this, so I’m definitely behind on mounts. This helps a ton in that regard!

Happy adventuring, and stay fashionable friends!

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