It’s been a while since I’ve updated on what’s going on with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Turns out, FFBE is having a crossover event with FFXI!

Mog King

The event type is a “Mog King” farm. So basically you spend your energy (restored 1 point for every 5 minutes, typical mobile game stuff) on loading these encounters with all sorts of familiar enemies from FFXI. Specifically, from Sky! These monsters all drop a currency called Faded Crystals, which we can use to exchange for summoning tickets and other prizes of our choosing. This is the first MK event with a “5* Select” ticket in the prize bin, although unlike JP we only get the one. And of course, we’re left with only the expensive one. There were supposed to have been two other tickets in the past two MK events. So, naturally, people are a little salty with the developer, Gumi, right now.


This crossover also has its own unit summoning banner. It introduces Livid Shantotto (AKA Shantotto II), Shadowlord, and Yoachim. Livid Shantotto and Shadowlord are this banner’s 5* units. Though… neither are all that great. They might be vaguely worth pulling for their bonus to the currency drops. Or worth pulling for nostalgia’s sake. Outside of that? This banner is completely skippable. I’m definitely more excited for the banner supposedly coming up in September where we’ll get a new crazy powerful chaining unit. I’ve saved quite a bit of sources for him. 😵


Listening to the music during the event and seeing all sorts of monsters we used to farm does make me miss FFXI a tiny bit. Only just the tiniest of bits though. I think we left it in a good state… going back now would be just a game of catch up. And as a duo, honestly, that’s kind of a bit tough. We tried it before but y’know how MMOs go, everyone’s got their own goals and stuff to do. So most of the time it was just us, which was fine. We did have a lot of job points to secure… but that’s a grind that’s a bit too tedious. So when playing this crossover in FFBE we’re like, yay memories, and wouldn’t it be nice if… eh, no, probably not.

Sometimes good times are best left off as memories of happy adventures.

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