FFXIV Streaming

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any FFXIV streaming. Or really any streaming at all. I miss it! But it’s not without ups and downs.


I don’t have a particularly powerful PC to be streaming from. Nor do I have a capture card, decent sound equipment, or… anything really. I’m a novice through and through, so I have to start by expecting my stream quality is going to be poor. Can’t go being all fancy like Alma can! I play at 2560×1440 resolution, and streaming that would be a nightmare. To top that off, I don’t even get a thorough 60 FPS in-game without the client running. So streaming at a fancy framerate is out.

To help my streaming a bit, I start by adjusting my settings in FFXIV. I disable most of the LOD benefits, turn shadow settings and such to normal rather than high. These are just a few changes you can make that won’t drastically dampen your graphic experience while raiding, but will give a lot of necessary frame fluidity when you need it. Things feel smoother, and it feels easier to move. I guess.

I use the Streamlabs OBS client, and for the most part I allow the configuration Wizard to get the best settings for me. This generally has my stream at 720p with 30 fps, with nearly every setting around the default or middle to light. Even then, it hits my machine pretty hard! Again I’m running some spectacularly older components without any overclocking. Your experience may be vastly different, and I hope so–but if not don’t be too worried.


The streaming community is pretty awesome. I haven’t joined any teams, but the number of people who’ve dropped by to support or chitchat have been a blessing. Sure, you’ll always get people who tell you, “You guys can clear X if you just did more DPS”, but the majority of viewers make it really fun. Don’t scare off lurkers by calling them out–just pretend your friends are watching you play and are too in awe of what’s happening to give commentary. Or they’re eating all of your doritos again.

Some of my most fun moments while streaming have been when chat starts up among my viewers without my interaction at all. I’m awful at realizing the chat is going, and have my mic muted on the stream end so I can only really comment between encounters. If your stream or music choices are interesting enough to spark some conversation, that can turn some endless savage farming into a super fun night even if your team leans on the quiet side of VoIP.

Give it a Try!

I’m sure like me, you’d be surprised as to where you can get by streaming. Any time you’re gonna do something with your friends? Stream it. Any time you’re raiding? Stream it. As long as you’ve got permission to record others, you can really churn out some fun times. Have you ever had to explain a joke with, “Sorry, you had to be there?” Well, now people can be there.

Somehow or another I’m a Twitch Affiliate, and I undoubtedly have many people to thank for that. But I would have never become an Affiliate if I didn’t try to stream, either. And while that’s nothing compared to Partner, and my stream is nowhere near as popular as even another person in my own raid… it’s fun to do. White told me once that I underestimate myself as an artist, and I think all creators do in many ways. Just think: somewhere out there, someone is actually excited to watch your stream, see your art, read your blog, or experience whatever it is that you produce or share.

I have not enough words to thank people like that. Y’all help make me appreciate the fun moments a whole lot more, seeing them from a new light.

Happy adventuring!

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