Finding Activity

Finding Activity

I’m not particularly burning out, but I know that I’m heading down that path. So time to avoid it however I can by finding a new activity!

Playing A New Job

So I’m sure I could just play a different job in FFXIV. Most of my jobs are almost finished in their equipment. Even if some won’t be BiS by complete math standards, as long as some are 270 for Stormblood then that’s okay. Dragoon needs legs from A11S and a relic stat shift for BiS. Paladin needs hands from A10S and legs from A11S for “good enough”. Monk needs belt from A9S and one more Dun Scaith run to upgrade scripture pieces for “Stormblood ready”. Finally, White Mage… needs a whole lot of work. Scripture weapon, body, hands, belt, and earring. Savage hat, legs, feet, wrist, and ring. I don’t even honestly play White Mage anymore but you never know what’s needed down the road.

But for a new job, what would I play? My style points towards either Warrior or Ninja, and I just can’t see Ryuhkin as either of them. Sure I was a pretty fantastic Ninja when I played it a bit on FFXI, but it was really hard not being a fantastic Ninja. Five shadows from Utsusemi: Ni and capped delay made you basically immortal on fights that lacked AoE.

Playing A New MMO

Then there’s the MMO shift, which is my usual go-to. I’ve been around World of Warcraft, Blade & Soul, Final Fantasy XI, and a ton of little crappy F2Ps. WoW I could do, but which character would I play? Most on Twitter play Horde but it isn’t even that active among Twitter again. So I’d probably be going solo–which isn’t terrible but WoW PUGs are so much worse community wise than FFXIV PUGs. Despite that, I am pretty excited about the catch-up mechanics for Artifact Weapons and all of that lore. Gimme gimme gimme.

Right now FFXI seems to be hopping among those I chat with most frequently on Twitter. But then, do I really want to pay for another server transfer just to spend a temporary amount of time playing endless catch up? I think most of my time in FFXI before honestly was writing lua scripts for myself and others–at least when I wasn’t pushing my sleep to an insane tier to try and get where everyone else already was at.

Then there’s BnS which just… eh? The martial arts moves are still nice but this has almost no merit for me outside of playing it with others. And most of those others I used to play with no longer talk with me so…! The fun of an MMO is largely based on who you play it with. If your group of friends is actively making things fun, chances are you won’t need to reach this point. For me–that means my weekends are packed and fun but everything else is kind of just “okay”. Stormblood will certainly fix this raid logging monotony for a long while but until then I need to not reach a point where I fall out of FFXIV.

Not Letting My Console Library Kill Me

A fairly important endeavor! I’ve got more games unfinished and some even not started yet than I feel like thinking about. Clearing these prior to starting up Stormblood would be a fantastic sense of relief. I wouldn’t sit there in content thinking, “Geez I really need to finish that other thing…” and just instead enjoy it for what it is. Not to mention, getting my money’s worth out of the games I bought before seems pretty important when I spend so much time considering the entertainment cost ratio for value on gaming. A $60 console game not being played at all does me no good!

What sorts of things are you considering doing to prepare yourself for Stormblood? No matter what they are, I hope they include some happy adventuring! 😀

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