Free Company – Light Bringers

So over this past month we’ve left Mephisto’s Cafe, and joined up with Maho’s old Free Company: the Light Bringers.

No Hard Feelings

Neither of us have anything against Aud, Zuv, or anyone else in the Cafe. Nor do we dislike the Free Company. Our key goal here is to more readily expand our social circle. To get to know more people, to play with more people, and if necessary to call on more people for help. We’d like to be able to do stuff on the weekends, and try as we might that’s nigh impossible with the few folk and scattered hours in Mephisto’s Cafe.

Aud noted that I could still try building up Mephisto’s Cafe but… no, I really can’t. No matter what freedoms and permissions I have, building under a name and soul that isn’t my own isn’t going to feel right. One day I’m sure I’ll make a new Free Company. I’ve even decided on a name and a logo! But I don’t have the heart for it yet still, nor the time. Maybe once I do I’ll go forward with it, or maybe it’ll be kept in reserve for a rainy day.

Friendly Joining

We’ve partied with LIGHT members before, when they’ve invited us to do maps and such. Joining them was… a difficult task, honestly. Not so much on the being accepted bit, but on leaving RUDE. It was RUDE, Mephisto’s Cafe, that served as my home when I was dragged back to FFXIV. I kind of thought that I’d just stay there the entire time, existing in quiet peace. Breaking the comfort zone so we could go and find more people to play with was nerve wrecking. It felt like I was betraying Aud and Bandaid who’d brought me back here. I know that isn’t the case, but I’ve always been stubborn on loyalty.

Light Bringers has been nice, although a little quiet. I imagine there’s a general silence just about everywhere, with the gap in content cycles, the lack of an extra Ultimate raid, etc. We’ve had the same path of content thrown at us for such a long time now that we can predict what’s going to happen and when in regards with endgame activities, and that’s kind of a shame.

Comms and Tech Concerns

The new FC has been super with this contest, letting us join, and it’s nice to see chatter in the Free Company box now. Yet I’m concerned with their website being down and unpaid for. Their Discord channels kind of just everywhere. And their Facebook, supposedly where people are most frequently, is still lacking much content. It makes me wonder where the community is beyond the game, and that’s unsettling. Maybe we just came at a super quiet time and most people are gone?

Out of a 300+ member Free Company, last I checked a little over 40 had been on in the past week. Not bad, even if I don’t know who is an alt. And again, chatter there isn’t a ghost town by any means. I also don’t really know where my bounds are, because there doesn’t seem to be any place set for rules or policies.

On our first night we helped out a few folk with some Alphascape Normal runs, which we hadn’t done since our clears. And a “friend of the Free Company” was openly calling us idiots over voice chat, without any member present calling them out on it. I’m taking that as just an unusual circumstance for now, but it doesn’t bode well. I just hope I’m worrying for nothing.

Happy adventuring!

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