Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark

It’s been a long, exhausting work week so I’m going to collect my thoughts. Maybe even give a tale of some glow in the dark.

Moving Hearts

Last raid weekend we learned that Alma, for reasons unlisted here, needed to find a new place to live. We had offered them home before and aren’t the type to rescind an offer proposed, especially when the alternative means a friend may be on the street. While we were a last resort at first, we’ve moved up to them submitting a transfer form in their job so prepare the Its_Happening.gif files. We spent a fair amount of time yesterday evening discussing some things that happen here and living conditions, but there are always things missed.

I’m kind of worried about my Dad in all of this. Or rather, how he’ll react. Tolerance isn’t a thing he’s very good at around people he doesn’t know. His understanding of science rarely ever has room to expand beyond confirming his religious views. So forth and so on. But from what I hear from my Mom, he’s trying to get better lately. And he does try his best around family and friends–even if he doesn’t understand or accept, he treats people like fellow human beings. Who knows? Maybe someday he’ll finally come to accept people for who they are.

Don’t get me wrong–I love and respect him. Just trying to tell him how I feel in response to his comments and not come out in the process is like throwing a gallon of oil onto a fire hoping to put it out.

Private Rants

There are plenty of times where I’ll post a long string of tweets going off about something or another. Generally work-related, but also my concerns with design stuff and such. Do you ever have those times where you vent into the void and there’s no response, as normal. But you can just feel people watching? You know they’re there–silently judging. Awaiting for the one moment wherein you finally screw up?

Okay–my anxiety isn’t usually that bad. But goodness gracious was it ever so yesterday. It’s like my body was trying to seek the relief of Friday, but it was only Thursday, so it pent all that stress back up into the bottle. Perhaps there was extra from Quincy’s vet trip this week. I did manage to calm down once I downloaded Discord Canary and played around with the category feature. Organization always helps because I get to put a little more control back in my life during the moments when I feel I’ve got none. Like… I’m okay with my life being a rollercoaster, but holy hell give me a seatbelt and some hand bars to hang onto!

Eh, I suppose it’s fine. It’s not like there’s anyone behind me right now.

Gordian Knot

Aud brought up the Gordian RDM weapon a few weeks back, and I hadn’t even looked at them yet. Like… why bother, I figured? I’ll never do A4S anyway. I new the Midan Spear looked neat but surely the katana in all three were standard. And trying on the Gordian Katana, it looked super dull in the menu. Then I saw screenshots of it…


These weapons are an absolute beauty. They dye the “crystalline” part, and the glow in the dark isn’t color based but on brightness. This means the glow itself is “dyed” basically which makes them look super awesome! I was even able to dye the blade to mostly match my current glamour–though I’m considering changing that to more of a traditional Samurai/swordswoman style. Weeb it up and all, we’ll see. Thanks again to Nophica’s Bosom and friends for taking me into A4S for it!

Work It

At work they’ve been talking the past week about various trans folk. Especially with Harvard’s recent decision on Chelsea Manning. The jokes have been there, ever present, and I work tediously to keep my tongue bit. What can you say to a bunch of guys who are denying someone their existence, at risk of them denying your own? I can’t foresee a huge epiphany of “oh wow they’re people too” out of this bunch. I suppose on the bright side they did somehow manage to gender everyone correctly, but it seemed a bit forced. I dunno, baby steps? Maybe I’m worried over nothing–maybe not. I’ll never forget what I’ve seen here.

In other news, I had a weird dream about owning a bowling team last night. I don’t remember it clearly now, but I remember not being fond of waking up from it. It’s odd because I’m not even that interested in bowling. So what the hell, brain?

Anywho~ Happy adventuring!

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