Heaven on High

Heaven on High

I’m in a static that does Heaven on High on an extremely casual basis.

Palace of the Dead

I never really did PotD with any level of seriousness. There were plenty of groups going up and clearing all 200 floors, and we did have one at one point. Trying to find the timing for stuff like that, not to mention the interest, can be kind of difficult though. We don’t exactly spend much time with huge groups of people, and those we do tend to run with have such varying schedules that lining them up is nearly impossible.

That said, I enjoyed the content for what it was, and what we did of it. Palace was instrumental in allowing me to reach Samurai Lv70 on the first week of Deltascape despite all of my crafting. I’ll never forget that moving onto the future with Heaven on High. Though… I doubt I’ll level any more jobs to cap. We’ll see.

Heaven on High – Early Floors

Anyway, the early floors in Heaven on High are as easy as you’d expect. There’s not a whole lot of enemies nor traps, and nothing is that difficult to kill. It’s to where burning 21 to 30 for easy equipment levels and potion trade-ins is absolutely a valid use of time for many. A few runs of 21 to 30 I even forgot to put up Shield Oath for nearly all of it, telling you how weak these critters tend to be. There’s not even any real necessity for cooldowns, especially if you have a BLM in your group that obliterates foes with a single cast.

It starts getting a little harder to endure around the 50s. That’s when you’ll want to be more sure of your stances and the like, I’d think.

Heaven on High – Middle Floors

From the 50s to the 70(?)s, things really start to hurt. The potions you can acquire through exchange just outside of the instance can really save you here, with the massive Regen gained upon using them. Communication is another essential key, although sometimes we still think, “No no! I can do it X way” and end up failing whoops! Or some huge enrage gets us or a massive amount of enemies fall into the rooms. Things start getting a little messy around here so be on your toes!

Otter Expecting More?

We actually haven’t gotten much farther than that, honestly! Between our limited amount of time, the late nights, and plenty of accidents we’ve never seen the top yet. That’s fine though–getting to the top will be awesome. We’re just going at our own pace through the journey there, and that’s perfectly dandy. Gives us plenty of time for otter screenshots, too! How far have you gotten along in Heaven on High?

Happy adventuring!

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