Into the Sky

It took me a long time to get the blog set back up. Longer still to get my very first primal bird mount–the White Lanner! After nearly eighty runs I have this bird… though it’s not all I’ve been doing!

Reach the Sky of Ishgard

On Tuesday Patch 3.56 came out, and with it the final part of the Heavensward story. I won’t spoil any of it for y’all, but Yoshida-san and team did a fantastic job! There’s just the right amount of leading into Stormblood without requiring newcomers to know anything prior to the expansion’s release. That was a huge downfall of Heavensward and I got to listen to no end from my coworker who couldn’t play the content he paid for because he hadn’t cleared the 2.x story yet. Knowing now that Stormblood won’t have this requirement, he’s considering returning to FFXIV in full force. I imagine the same is true with a lot of people.

Baelsar's Wall

Expanded Limits

Patch 3.56 also brought us an increase to the amount of weekly scripture from 450 to 900. The former cap was relatively simple to reach with casual play, but 900 might be a bit more tight for Nikki and myself. All the same, I’m looking forward to this new higher limit. I’ll be able to finish scripture gear for Monk Samurai this week and start paying my White Mage some attention.

She’s still wearing an i240 weapon of all things. I don’t often give it much of a glance these days because almost everyone has a healer, and my niche falls in dealing physical damage anyway. Before Heavensward we had plenty of time to get Turn 13 on farm and gear out any jobs we wanted really. I imagine it’ll be little different with going into Stormblood, so I’m not in that much of a rush.


Unlocking Time

Finally, Patch 3.56 gave us the unlocking of Alexander – Creator (Savage). This included a base 10% Echo which a few people were particularly vocal about. Alma and I discussed this last night and basically feel the same way. If you want your challenge groups, make them yourself. Turn off Echo. Go with minimum iLvl equipment. Use awkward party setups and don’t bother with food and potions! There’s a lot of ways you can adjust the meta to give yourself a challenge. I understand if the fight itself gets changed, like Turn 7, but otherwise it can all be accounted for if the group as a whole wants to partake.

People who get their fun out of challenge runs are no less nor more right than people like me are, I suppose. I’m just happy we can farm these raids now with full drops even with people who’ve run it over and over. More loot so more geared jobs, geared raiders, and more Free Company credits from eventual gear trade-ins. My goal right now is to have all of my jobs geared out and ready, to have Samurai leveling equipment prepared, and to have a pretty stocked purse for Stormblood. Side goals of having all quests cleared out, all bird mounts farmed, etc. We’ll see how far I get because I want to spend time clearing my console game backlog, too!

Now that I’m back again… happy adventuring!

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