Jump Puzzles

As someone who is particularly good at jump puzzles, I’ve gotta say: bravo, Square Enix. Bravo.

Kugane Tower - Day

Grounded in Other Tasks

I’ve known about the jump puzzles for a long while, but had never really bothered with them. They were there when I had nothing else to do, and so far I’ve not run out of things to do. The only thing that changed this was me leveling Yuhki alongside Nikki’s BLM. She wanted to clear her Sightseeing Log out for bonus experience… and two of those points happened to be in the Kugane jump puzzles. Nikki doesn’t have the inner-Dragoon that I do, so she asked me to clear these so she could Eternity Ring warp up to me.

Tower Hug

I suppose it was a bit relieving to challenge myself with no additional goal in mind outside of the reward of doing it. I’d recommend trying it yourself to really practice pinpoint positioning and jump distance… these tend to benefit your overall dungeon and raid experience! As for tips on how to handle these challenges… I’d say practice jump distance and strafing. The more solid your skills are here, the much easier time you’ll have in scaling up the tower.

Kugane Tower - Night

A Restful Change of Pace

So far up until now we’ve been working ourselves to the bone for the sake of the raid and our Free Company. Keeping tomes capped, maxing out our crafters and gatherers respectively, etc. Until I started leveling my alt, we didn’t really do anything that wasn’t just totally inherently selfish. Mind you–there’s always stuff we gained too–but everything had its place in some grand design. So now especially with these jump puzzles, we’re taking a path we normally don’t and are really enjoying it to its fullest.

Moon Gazing

That said, taking some time to stop and smell the flowers and climb the towers can also be beneficial. Giving yourself some distance from the constant nagging in the back of your head about raid stuff gives you some time to play at another angle. As an adventurer gain, just as fresh as entering story quests for the first time! I know that sounds like an awful excuse and “Yoshida should make more content!”, but from my years in leading I can tell you that sometimes it’s up to us as players to make the reasons we continue logging in. Even if that means stretching our limits and jumping through a few hoops to make it happen!

In the Hot Tub

Jump into Action

So Alma is going to be moving in next Wednesday–around a week earlier than originally projected. It helps that Nikki isn’t one to rest on her laurels, but this really jump started us cleaning up the house. I’m trying (and failing) to tame the backyard, we’ve got a new air filter, have prepared the rooms, etc. All sorts of little stuff that we never bothered with but just want to fix now that we have a solid reason to do so. I’ve even had to smack down some wasp nests recently and just… ugh. C’mon winter, freeze them gone!

Hot Tub 2

And this is all going to be after we have a “Come to Jesus” talk in raid tonight. It’ll be good to clear up what our goals are, because with only raiding four hours a week we need to be tight about things if we want to clear three at all. We down one and two consistently, but thanks to schedule conflicts we have to go back and re-clear to enter three for when people return the next night and… goodness. There’s a few things done to try and clear as a group that have been keeping us from clearing at all, I suppose–and it hurts to say that.

I’ve no doubt if we had a decent amount of time to invest, the eight of us would have four on farm right now. Or at least would be close to a clear. But we’ve had weeks now where we haven’t even looked at three–and that’s gonna end up setting us back a few steps. I hope all sorts of good things come of us talking about this… but we’ll see!


Happy adventuring!

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