Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

It’s not so hard to be keeping busy in Stormblood.


I finished leveling and gearing up my crafters recently! I’m at a point now where I can easily macro out even Lv70 1-star synths with NQ materials and hit 100% HQ every time. It feels pretty good to have this much power. Unfortunately though, given how easily attained it is–there’s a ton of market competition too. Nikki and I have been trying to find a place to dig our roots but it seems the only safe bet is sprinkling seeds on everything.

It’s really nice though, being able to craft up food for the raid. Not having to spend nearly as much gil on supplies means more that can be directed towards other ventures! My next goal is to have enough stat ready to make the 2-star crafts that we’ll almost assuredly have to deal with soon. I’m hoping the 320 equipment will be 1-star given the relative lack of recipes right now–but we’ll see.


Thankfully(?) I’m not totally out of jobs to level yet. Coming up next is my Paladin, which I’m leveling alongside Nikki’s Scholar. We’ve been set this way since A Realm Reborn when we decided to do our second relics together. I’m feeling a tiny bit squishy on Paladin right now–and not sure if it’s from the lack of Tenacity or not. Or maybe it’s just from the times when we have bad DPS and things are dying slowly. When we grouped up with Cail on his Samurai, monsters died fast enough to have me cycle my cooldowns much more efficiently.

I guess it holds true: a great offense is the best defense. 😛

Solo and Low-manning

Another great thing I’ve found to try when I’m waiting on my retainers to move inventory: soloing old content. Or low-manning it anyway, in fights that have too much damage for me to heal through. I really should consider setting Bloodbath when I do these to up my healing a bit more.

It’s been a rush taking down fights that used to be so problematic all by myself. That final blow to Twintania–just girl versus dragon–was thrilling! She got me a few times with her Conflag though. Eventually I learned to burst past the more troublesome abilities which helped quite a bit.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy prior to Omega Delta Savage?

Happy adventuring!

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