Keeping Up

One thing I’ve noticed while playing games that aren’t FFXIV: it’s difficult keeping up with FFXIV! The content locks on daily and weekly basis slip my mind a bit. So… what could be done? I’m going to nab ideas from some friends of mine for today’s entry!

Cumulative Caps

Yoshida himself has noted that FFXIV is supposed to be a game that you can pick back up and play whenever. Think of that, an MMORPG that you don’t have to feel bad about not grinding everything to the bone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold true for anyone who wants to “keep up” at all.

Assuming we stick to only tomestones for gear progression, a flawed enough system, we’re stuck limited to 450 per week right now. Yes, I still remember the 300 per week limit! If we stick with this though, how about we try cumulative weekly caps instead? From the time when a player first unlocks their weekly tomes, the cap starts at 450 and raises by 450 per week.

In this way, if you cap each week–you’re still only getting 450 per week. But if you take a three week break, now you can farm 1,350 tomes and catch up with those who play all the time. This prevents the rush to cap tomes that keeps people awake. It allows you to reasonably go on vacation. If you’re the type to grind like a fiend, it means you can be closer to the top than before. Sure no–you’d still be missing raid caps with this slight change. But I guess those also rely on seven other people which is kind of a miraculous task to align all the time if you think about it.

Stop Rushing

The race for higher item level gear is a tough vertical treadmill. You’ve got roughly six months to go from ground zero up to the max. If you play regularly and cap all of the time, this tends to be enough for about three different roles even for non-raider casuals. Then you ditch all of that gear right away and it’s pointless unless you liked the glamour. Sure, thinking of gear upgrades as pointless isn’t a good mindset for anyone progressing to have. But what if the progression itself was different?

In this case, item level is set and kept at a certain point for the whole expansion. Let’s say there’s basic tiers for the item level stretches. Quest, Dungeon, Crafted, Normal Raid, Superior Crafted, Challenge Dungeon, Savage Raid, and Ultimate Raid. Rather than throw darts at secondaries and continue using the iLvl scaling to handle gear choices, we instead get things like set bonuses and various passives for our jobs and abilities.

The end result here is that equipment isn’t made as obsolete nearly as fast. And maybe you can sacrifice 5 iLvl in some slots for a crazy stronger set bonus or something. Dungeons become something worth farming, rather than just the next thing to grind endlessly without much reward in roulettes. Content feels like it carries actual purpose and weight, as players can be excited for something that could further develop their character rather than just maybe a glamour piece or two.

Eight Pages Why

I’m glad we have the page system now in Savage raiding, I am. But why do we need eight pages for legs, bodies, and weapons? People should have some kind of proper reward for their time. Sure, time spent with friends is the real equipment reward but if you go two whole weeks multiple times before getting a piece you want? It gets draining really, really fast.

Why not instead of dropping equipment, everyone who participates who lacked the clear that week gets a token to exchange for a piece from that fight? The endgame raiding scene is tiny, and sure this is going to make loads of profit from merc groups but it’ll also help to encourage new players to raid, and returnees would be more able to find groups to clear with. Yes they can help now, but have you ever had a raider locked out of a weapon one week because someone helped? It’s pretty awful, no matter how nice it was to get help.

Anywho… there’s a ton of different ways FFXIV could improve, endgame wise. I hope to see a brighter future for my home MMO someday. Until then, happy adventuring!

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