Ryuh poses

Lewd Naringo

Nikki went to a dinner last night with her office. She was going to bring home steak, which I was very looking forward to. There was something else kind of unexpected that happened before she got back though. Something a little lewd…

Ryuhkin on bed

NC17 Lewds

Okay so that introduction read like the start of a bad porno. Sorry. In all seriousness though, Nikki sent me a text while she was at the dinner. Some of her coworkers have seen Ryuhkin before on either her computer, my computer, or our phones. For whatever the reason they wanted to see her in some sexy poses with “clothing optional” and “NC17”. I’m not entirely unfamiliar with taking these but it was pretty unexpected all the same!

Ryuhkin swimsuit

Only Thing I Got Done

It seems though thanks to the trip to get Nikki’s car, this might be all I get done this week. That’s not too bad though–I’ve got enough upgrade items to finish SAM 270 gear already. Everything else is for WHM at this point, which I don’t even play. I am keeping up with the Alipohs–but that’s really about it. I should really push harder on my red scrips to finish being able to craft 4* items. Either way, it’s good having these relaxing weeks sometimes before an expansion.

Let’s Get Dangerous

These two friends in particular are people I would trust with linking my own self and Ryuhkin. However, when I get the chance to do so I find my tongue winds up pretty tied. While I think they’d be okay with knowing and wouldn’t treat me any differently, coming out is always a very stressful process. At this point I’m pretty much about to just wear cat ears around them and say, “Hope the rest matches soon” because might as well dive in when the water is cold. Okay so… I might not go quite that crazy. It’s good to be cautious and take things slow and field questions as they’re asked. I owe people I want around in my life at least that much!

So there you have it–all the screenshots I made for them. Ones I won’t be posting on Twitter because of my “super pure feed”. 😛

Happy adventuring!

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