Monster Hunter Time Hunter

Monster Hunter Time Hunter

I’m actually surprised how much Monster Hunter World has hooked both Nikki and myself.

Fun and Learning

When we first heard of Monster Hunter World, I figured Nikki only wanted to play for the Palico. Adventuring around with a look-a-like of her cat and such. Surely I didn’t want to buy two copies of a game for what would only be a tiny bit of playtime. Yet eventually I caved! And y’know, I haven’t regretted it since.

We’ve been playing almost every single day since then. And we’re getting way better. Definitely still off from considering ourselves good, but we don’t have anywhere near the trouble with new monsters that we used to. Nikki’s regularly increased mastery of her bow and using different types of arrowheads for their different affects helps tremendously. And then there’s my having switched to Dual Blades, which suits my attacking style for games in general much more distinctly.

Farming Bursts

The more you go through story in Monster Hunter, the more upgrades you access. Eventually you go from only really needing to work on one or two weapons, to multiple branches. The amount of material farming is pretty wild! And sure, we can speed up our kills which we’ve done quite well lately. But still, looking at around 10 to 12 minutes for a monster we’re sort of used to, maybe 7 minutes for one we have on farm? And upwards of 20 minutes if we have to track a new enemy down. It’s pretty time consuming!

I think it helps that there’s no real feeling of forced speed progression here. Sure, people are miles ahead of us–but the journey has been the most fun part. We don’t have to be at X level for any progression team or anything. The two of us and our cats can go on adventures, explore new lands, figure out how to best defeat monsters together? This has kind of been a dream game, to that end. Although I would like the controls to be a little more straight forward with the sheathing and unsheathing and item use.

Ah, well. Happy adventuring!

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