My Apartment: Catnip Forge

My Apartment: Catnip Forge

One dream I had since the introduction of housing was to have my own smitty shop, or forge. I’ve managed to accomplish this finally and happily with my apartment, the Catnip Forge!

Desk Area

This is a nice comfortable area for me to sit in and act official. My Material Supplier NPC stands there for basic material provisions, and my Orchestrion is playing “Iroha” on loop. I didn’t have much in mind when putting this section together. Just to have a place to sit when I’m on business or showing off.


Across from my desk is the library. It’s tiny but packed full of documents, papers, and books on different forging techniques. This can be a decent place for guests to sit if they want to do a little reading and learning in peace while waiting on their crafts to be finished.


Next up, the forge itself! The bookshelf there is where I keep most of my recent research material and extra supplies. The armor is something I made for decoration–to show off in case customers want to inspect quality. Finally, my forge has a nice little seat that keeps my feet and knees warm and comfy as I craft. It’s a finely lit area with just enough dim spots to allow me to inspect the color of the craft aura before proceeding onward.

Rest Area

This is another place where customers can come and sit while they wait. And let me tell you, almost no one ends up wanting just a few things made. This spot is probably better for bigger groups and more social customers. It’s even supported by my Junkmonger, carrying little trinket items that I may or may not need at times.

Fish Tank

Uh… I mean… I’m a cat girl. What did you really expect here? Although in all seriousness, I figured this might help to balance things out and provide a not so “hot” aspect to the ambiance of my apartment.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! Happy adventuring!

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