New Step, New Glamour

I figure with the start of a new stage in life, ought to come a new glamour choice.

Day Zero

I’m marking today as Day Zero with my medical transition. Sure, I acquired my HRT–but I won’t start taking it until tomorrow. Taking it tonight would’ve set the time for another dose firmly in working hours. And honestly, I’d rather not have anyone digging nosily. The medical assistant who was checking my blood pressure and such was… I don’t know if she wasn’t that knowledgeable or thought I’m FtM. She kept talking about how drastically my voice would change and hey estrogen doesn’t do that but, y’know, nod and smile.

Planned Parenthood managed to not record my chosen name nor my consent paperwork, so that was a mild fiasco. Once we got that squared away she said she’d call for Nikki to come back there with me but… I guess she forgot. I was alone in a frigid cold room for what felt like half an hour. Though it was maybe more like ten minutes, tops.

The nurse who came in afterward definitely seemed to know her stuff a lot better. There were a few concerns I had, but I feel in patient healthcare there has to be some give and take. I offer my thoughts, they suggest based on that, I offer what I’ve learned, they adapt, etc. The informed consent paperwork they have is from 2016, and we’ve definitely learned a whole bunch since then.

There was a bit of an issue with my prescription getting filled afterward. Not in that I couldn’t, but just on system end. Alma came in and resolved that so I’ll be starting up on estradiol taken sublingually and spironolactone tomorrow morning. People always talk about the minty flavor of spiro… but the moment you open that pill bottle the whole room smells like it. That’s gonna be an experience, for sure.

New/Old Glamour

So with this new step I figure… why not take up a new glamour? Well, new to me I guess. This is just the alpha version of it as I want to make some revisions as I get other pieces. But I’m pretty satisfied so far! Sometimes the biggest draw for playing FFXIV for me is waltzing around in a new glamour outfit. And at the very least, I’ll be looking sharp for raid this week!

We’ve finally got a full roster, unless someone backs out again. If the entire team is there I may stream it and get back into that habit. I’ve been a bad twitch affiliate, eh? Maybe I should dig around for a streaming “blaugust” and try to inspire myself to just stream whatever I’m gaming that night. At the very least, someone might find entertainment somewhere out of that!

Happy adventuring!

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