The No-Lifer Vacation

So for the first time ever as an MMO gamer I am having a “no-lifer vacation”.

No-Lifer Vacation

In short, I’m taking multiple days off for the expansion release. My normal schedule is Monday through Friday, so I’m taking off the 16th (Friday), and 19th through 21st (Monday through Wednesday). This gives me six consecutive days of uninterrupted Stormblood play! Well, I’d like to say uninterrupted but there’s Father’s Day. And sleep. Hrm…

Either way, it’s certainly something to look forward to. Like any extra time off of work is time I hold sacred but I also get to enjoy it fully with Nikki? Great stuff. I think we’re going to start it all Thursday night by restocking our snack supply and getting plenty of sleep–then a Hardee’s breakfast run in the morning to get Stormblood cups to complete the excitement!

Healthy Tips

Despite being a “no-lifer”, playing healthy is going to be key here. If you wreck your body you’ll end up spending less time playing than if you take care of it! Start off by getting adequate sleep a few nights before. I say we’re going to do this Thursday night, but that’s a normal for us most of the time. It’s just there’s no point in us pulling an all-nighter when the content won’t go live until 5 AM our time. Better that we get to bed a bit earlier to wake a bit earlier!

Rather than drinking a bunch of 5-hr energies and caffeine bombs, quench your thirst with plenty of water. Staying properly hydrated will keep your body in a good shape to endure the torture you’re about to put it through. Finally, instead of eating a bunch of processed sugars–focus on a few fruits or veggies for snacks and good, light, quick, lean meals for fuel. If you’re taking vacation, you don’t want to have to go back to work looking like you just flunked boot camp. Stay sharp!

Vacation mode

Content Preparation

As for my personal content preparation… I still need to finish two runs of A9S for a striking belt. Any additional tomes will be just to stock for the exchange or to power up my White Mage. Which, honestly, I don’t even know if I’ll play anymore. Nikki and I have a fitting dynamic of Healer/Ranged and Tank/Melee that just sort of works for us. Managed to get my ten tokens for Samurai’s 270 weapon so I’m all set there!

My biggest concern right now is probably gil. I went into Heavensward with about 250k and it definitely wasn’t enough when I even whispered about crafting. This time around Nikki will be my dedicated gatherer, and I’ll be her crafter, so again an optimal dynamic that’ll help us quite a bit. For Stormblood I’ll bring in at least 3.6mil which still just doesn’t feel like it will suffice. Especially wanting to get my crafters leveled and a house purchased in Shirogane when it opens up. Oi.

How are your preparations coming along?

Stay healthy–and happy adventuring!

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