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I play a lot of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. On there, my strongest and primary unit is Noctis. I was fortunate enough to draw him. Yet… I can’t help but dreamily paw at some of the things the Japanese version of the game gives him. Here I’m going to cover the differences in our Noctis versus the JP version Noctis.

Trust Master Reward

This needs a category of its own. Noctis’ TMR is the Ring of the Lucii. It gives +3 MAG and +3 SPR and unlocks Holy, Alterna, and Death. Holy in this case is a passive that grants 25% physical evasion and 25% chance to counter physical attacks with 120% Light damage that restores 40 MP to the user. This MP restoration counts as damage, so if you work your weaknesses and strengths to your advantages you can boost the MP restored. Diabolos with Man-Eater is a great way to secure this boost.

Next we have Alterna, which is a 510% AoE neutral element spell that ignores 25% SPR. This brings it to 678.33% damage to all targets for 99 MP spent. It’s pretty expensive, but hits pretty freaking hard too! Finally we have Death, which deals a 30% chance to instantly kill your single target. If it doesn’t, it instead deals 80% damage and drains 30% of the resulting damage to your HP. Well, unless the boss resists it.

The difference between our TMR and the one from Japan? The JP version also gets a passive +30% ATK and +30% MAG on it. This turns the Ring of the Lucii from a niche/dodge item into absolutely a staple piece to have on your stronger units.

Limit Break

For the ease of reading, I’ll be using values of his LB found at maximum tier of each. Noctis’ Limit Break is called Armiger. In Global this maxes out at 1160% damage 5-hit strike to a single target, and then it increases the ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR of all allies by 74% for two turns. That’s pretty awesome!

In Japan instead it maxes at 1480% damage over 5 hits to a single target. They receive a +124% boost for two turns to ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for all allies. Finally, this also reduces the damage Noctis will take for two turns by 30% and unlocks Point-Zero Warp Break for 1 turn.

Point-Zero Warp Break is a chain technique that unlocks on various conditions. It strikes one enemy for 525% damage and ignores 50% of target DEF–meaning it’s a 1050% damage single target hit. It also debuffs the target’s ATK and DEF by 45%. We don’t get this unlocked at all in Global.


Noctis has several different traits that all fall under the branch of Power of the Kings. On Global these include: +20% ATK +15% DEF with Dagger equipped, +20% ATK +15% SPR with Sword equipped, +35% ATK with Great Sword equipped, +20% DEF/SPR with Shield equipped, +20% MAG/SPR with Throwing Weapon equipped, +20% MAG/DEF with Gun equipped, +20% ATK/MAG with Katana equipped, and finally +20% ATK/SPR with Spear equipped.

Japan gets: +30% ATK/DEF with Dagger, +40% ATK +20% SPR with Sword, +40% ATK +20% DEF with Great Sword, +30% DEF/SPR with Shield, +30% MAG/SPR with Throwing Weapon, +30% MAG/DEF with Gun, +30% ATK/MAG with Katana, and +30% ATK/SPR with Spear. While these maybe aren’t tremendously stronger, they are without question a margin higher in every aspect.

Our Parry simply allows us to dodge 20% of physical attacks. Japan’s Parry allows them to dodge 20% physical and 10% magical attacks, as well as counter physical attacks at a 30% rate. Both have Damage Warp at a 30% chance of healing Noctis when he takes physical damage.

There’s Chosen King which raises our HP/MP by 15%. On Japan that’s a 30% buff to both. Finally, Japan uniquely gives Noctis Auto-Refresh to restore 5% of his MP per turn.


To start his active abilities we have Blindside. On Global this is a single target, 1-hit 210% damage strike for 18 MP. In Japan it’s a single target, 1-hit 300% damage strike for 30 MP. On both versions Fish increases his chance of being attacked by 100%–but in Japan it’s only 14 MP compared with our 20. Cover is literally the same. Both provide a strong heal and decent MP recovery to all allies aside from Noctis.

Next up we have Link. This deals 100% damage to a single target and increases all allies ATK/MAG by 30% for three turns, spending 36 MP. In Japan it deals 100% damage to a single target but increases allies ATK/MAG by 45% for three turns at a cost of 48 MP. Our Warp Decoy is the same in both versions, only in Japan it also unlocks Point-Zero Warp Break for one turn. Comeback is also similar in a single-target, 100% HP raise. Only in Japan it costs 14 MP compared with our 20.

Warpin’ Around

Global Noctis gets totally eclipsed in two other Point-Zero Warp Break unlocking abilities. Point Warp jumps for one turn and heals him for 2000 HP and 135 MP at 50 MP cost. Then it deals 300% damage. In Japan it jumps for a turn to heal for 3000 HP and 150 MP at 50 MP cost. It finishes up with 500% damage and of course has the unlock.

Next we have Warp Break. In Global it hits for 250% damage and ignores 40% DEF–dealing 416.75% damage. This also decreases target ATK/DEF by 30% for 3 turns only costing 42 MP. For Japan, it deals 250% damage and ignores 50% DEF–dealing 500% damage. It also breaks target ATK/DEF by 45% for 3 turns and costs 52 MP. But… it still unlocks the extremely awesome Point-Zero Warp Break!

Global Stands a Chance

His Flask abilities are where the Global version of Noctis has a chance to shine. Fire Flask deals 400% fire hybrid damage to all enemies and has a 30% chance of inflicting up to 2 status ailments to all enemies at 45 MP cost. In Japan it’s only 300% damage and only a 20% chance, at 54 MP. Blizzard Flask deals 400% ice hybrid damage to all enemies and has a 30% chance of inflicting Stop for three turns to all enemies at 45 MP cost. In Japan this is just 300% damage to all enemies with the same Stop rate at 54 MP.

Finally, Thunder Flask with 400% lightning hybrid damage to all enemies and lowers all enemy MAG/SPR by 30% for three turns for 45 MP cost. Japan beats us here in a technicality–while their Thunder Flask still only deals 300% damage at 54 MP… it breaks MAG/SPR by 45%.

The Night Sky

So… for sure, the Noctis in Japan’s version of FFBE is quite a margin stronger than our own here in Global. But that’s okay! Mostly. Noctis was a world-wide release, so they had to clip his wings for our version to balance the meta. I’m not entirely keen on the TMR having also been hit by a nerf, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a worthless item. I’ve got it on my Ling right now and with her dodge rate and high MP cost, it keeps her going well–which in turn keeps my party going strong!

I’m proud to have this Noctis on my team. Even if I’ve never actually played FFXV myself–I’ve watched Nikki play! Does that count for much…? ?

Happy adventuring!

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