O7S – Guardian Conquered

With record speed compared to my previous experiences, my raid cleared O7S tonight.

Still Not Full

Unfortunately our regular WAR was out of commission for one reason or another. So our NIN went WAR and our caster went NIN… which turned out alright anyway. With a few exceptions Trick was up right before almost every Higanbana. Either way, both knew how to play their role well enough for not much loss. I’m still kind of learning names and few have matching Discord names so… give me a bit!

A pretty decent BLM stepped in from the PF, who did eventually hop onto Discord with us… right in the middle of a few members venting about him. And they kept on! The leader kept telling them, “Guys, guys, HE CAN HEAR YOU!” but it seems the BLM took it in stride. What a good sport. Near the end of the raid I was distracted because I wanted to take a few minutes to respond to people on Discord… and got myself killed a lot on simple mistakes. But that’s okay! We still won–on literally our last potential pull.

For Now

So for the rest of the tier we’re going to be focusing just on O8S, I believe. It’s not too much of an issue as like… we’ll be replacing all of this gear in a few weeks anyway! Fortunately this time around Nikki and I will only have to worry about making two sets of equipment. The BRD (Based) and the NIN (Inori) are on Behemoth. The PLD (Kyou), Caster/Leader (Seli/Miran), SCH (Ginevra), and WAR (Azazel) are all on Brynhildr. Then there’s Nikki and myself on Excalibur!

I still don’t exactly know how they all feel about trans folk in general, so I’m keeping myself on the mute plan. Seli’s about as supportive of me as he can be, even asking how I’m taking to the process and such and making sure I’m okay. I’m not exactly secretive about it at all anymore, but it’d suck if such a great team of happy people turns sour because of a little detail. We’ll see what happens down the road, I guess, but playing it safe for now.

The Future

Assuming everything continues to go as well as it has been socially, I can definitely see a bright future for this team. I doubt any kind of World First potential here, because heck–I don’t have it either. But definitely everyone has the capacity to clear a tier while relevant and I look forward to crushing Alphascape. And maybe eventually crying bitter tears as they throw us into Unending Coil and UWU.

The schedule of 8:30pm to 10:30pm for two days definitely works for us, too. It’s not so early that we can’t eat, and not so late that we’re having trouble getting up the next day. I do miss raiding with Aud and them of course, but scheduling is a right jerk. And I guess for the sake of it, meeting new people and expanding our network is great too.

Happy adventuring!

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