Onto Kefka

I’ve returned to the raiding scene… again! Here’s us starting off with Kefka Savage.

Here Again

I honestly didn’t think I’d be raiding in Sigmascape Savage again, after leaving my last team. It was nice going on a vacation! Focusing on my health and playing other games helped quite a bit. Not that I’ll be stopping Monster Hunter World any time soon, I suppose. Nikki’s even managed to get my neurologist to consider playing! Anyway, thankfully this new team’s schedule works a whole lot better for my new goals. If you’re passing out at your desk while raiding, maybe you need to change things up!

First Night

Alright so technically our first night was on Wednesday. We ran through a whole bunch of O5S and O6S. Probably enough that I don’t think I want to ever have to do those fights again. I think this was mostly as a sort of teamwork building exercise and general farming for those who’re lacking gear. I guess? It did net me a new shiny orange on O5S so that’s pretty sweet. I really need to make more STR potions to push those numbers a little further.

The Clown Mage, Kefka

Tonight we entered O8S directly and stared Kefka down. I don’t exactly have the most fond memories of this fight. Compile that with not having cleared a tier while relevant since Coil, and… well. Our team had two PUGs tonight, at least one person on a different job than their main, and a bunch of folk completely new to the encounter. And honestly, we did a whole lot better than I thought we would. I’ve had this wild headache all day and it’s kept me somewhat dizzy. And despite that and our collective mistakes here and there, we got down to enrage a few times on “Kefaust”.

The best part about it? We all had fun. No weird tension, no frustrated screams of anguish. Just laughing and good times–aside from a few “please-don’t-stand-so-close-to-me”s from me. But thankfully I had my mic muted the whole night.

Silent Samurai

This raid is made of almost entirely new people outside of my previous social circle. So, I’ve really no idea how they’ll react to me being like, “Hey yeah, I’m a trans woman and I hope that’s alright.” I don’t exactly hide anything of course but it’s my experience that most people don’t go digging very deep either.

After the very clear “sir” I got on the first night post-raid I’ve just been keeping quiet for now. I won’t go out of my way to correct people–I get the cognitive dissonance to my voice. Though all of my hugs to y’all using she and they for me. Y’all’re the real MVPs.

Happy adventuring!

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