Endless Eight

Howl dancing

While it pales in comparison to the forty-man raids of old, finding eight people who can attend raid nights consistently is tough! The more rare your scheduling and later your days, the worse it gets. Tuesdays are easier than Saturdays, for instance. It’s easier still if your age range involves mostly teenagers. Get a bunch of adults and you need to deal with careers, children, moving, etc. Today I’m going to talk a bit about what you can do to keep your raid going.

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Noctis – Japan vs Global

I play a lot of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. On there, my strongest and primary unit is Noctis. I was fortunate enough to draw him. Yet… I can’t help but dreamily paw at some of the things the Japanese version of the game gives him. Here I’m going to cover the differences in our Noctis versus the JP version Noctis.

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