Pagos Pathos

Pagos Pathos

With Patch 4.36 dropping tomorrow in FFXIV, I’d like to go into Eureka a little bit. We’re getting access to Pagos soon… and I’ve little idea of what to expect!

Relic Equipment

A few of my friends are kind of upset with Pagos, really. The thought was that our equipment would continually upgrade throughout Eureka, which isn’t exactly a lie. Just this particular step isn’t upgrading our armor, leaving us with just the raid and tomes as armor upgrade paths. I can understand why they chose this route this time, for how their game goes anyway. We’re at the end of a patch–so this isn’t going to be superior to raid equipment. Anemos was at the same level as crafted gear, so we can presume these will be stronger. If they were i360 with five slots, that’d give people even more reason not to do their end content.

I dunno, SE’s logic is what it is sometimes. Even if I’m not all there with the program. On the bright side, we are still getting weapon upgrades. I’ve got no idea what they’ll grow to become, but here’s to hoping we net some i370 weapons with five materia slots. And maybe the same secondaries as the Anemos weapons? I’d very much like to have a better katana at my disposal.

Glamour Gear

With Anemos we received quite a few pieces reminiscent of those found in FFXI. It makes me wonder if we’ll be getting the same treatment with Pagos? While I’m hoping so, I’m also hoping we don’t end up completing “The Thief Set of the Golden Age” for a while. Give us some armor from Salvage–like the Usukane set!

Solo Friendly

Supposedly they’re designing Pagos to be more solo friendly. Anemos was supposed to be the party-centric, very XI-esque area. Unfortunately, we all discovered too quickly that NM trains, AKA FATE grinding, was still the superior option for acquiring rewards. They later upped the experience gain tremendously and gave us challenge logs for regular monster hunting, but it was too little too late for the first few waves.

Hopefully they’ve learned a few lessons with how Pagos develops. Yet, no one can predict just how a vast amount of players can break things compared to a small team of Q&A and developers. I’m excited for the content, but I think I might stray from Twitter during the day so I don’t get too immersed in other people’s energy, positive or otherwise. When things break, the salt comes out in droves… and when they don’t, I get too antsy and can’t focus on my work!

So ’til then… happy adventuring!

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