Patch 4.4 Preparations

Patch 4.4 Preparations

Patch 4.4 and the beginning of the story for our next expansion are nearly upon us. And I’m not sure if I’m totally ready yet.


We know that 4.4 drops us into the start of the next story. And it seems a lot of the community is asking, “Okay, what does that mean for Ala Mhigo?” Heavensward wrapped up its story for Ishgard in 3.3. It seems Stormblood wrapped up the Doma story with 4.3, at least on its main points. So where do we go with Ala Mhigo? Should we expect that they’re just going to rebuild and have everyone get along merrily? Even Doma doesn’t feel nearly finished, but we’ve been given the Doman Enclave to help do our part.

I want to believe in the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We resolved the primary issue in Ishgard, breaking apart their old ways and setting them on the course towards the new. And we’ve been able to witness their growth with the joint nations. Heck, they’ve not even come so far in their war-torn lands to allow us space for housing there supposedly. I believe our existence as Warriors of Light has a deeper meaning, even if we don’t really like it.

You’ve come into this world with a reason, and that’s great. But no matter what there are points of divergence that you can’t avoid. Points where you will act for the greater good. I believe this is because we are Hydaelyn’s Chosen. The Ascians have begun to enact their will upon this world, and mortals can’t stand against them. We’re here to tip the scales, to give them a fighting chance. Our reason for being here in this world isn’t to consider the political ramifications of restoring nations. Instead, we blow away the forces which would alter the course of fate.


Oh Azeyma, why. Is it because I don’t revere Byregot instead? Eh…

I’m glad at least that we didn’t get a new crafting set dropped right away. And I’m hoping we don’t have to unlock a new set of crafting books. I didn’t finish melding, so I’m kind of worried about making new crafted raid gear. We don’t know if Nikki will be able to get the materials needed yet. Nor if I’ll be able to make the stuff at all. Thankfully we’ll know these things once 4.4 drops, and hopefully we’ll have the first week to figure it all out.

Also thankfully, we’ll only need to craft sets for ourselves as far as our own team goes. I think we have a few others who want gear made, but there’s not a rush to make it for our own benefit. New raid gear is kind of fickle, because you know you’re replacing everything you worked hard for right away. And, if your team is successful, you’ll be replacing it again relatively soon depending on drop luck. I think I’m getting kind of tired of this cycle, honestly.


I’m glad we’ve got a pretty decent raid ready before 4.4 drops. There’s so far no tension between members, to where even death is generally taken in stride. If you can laugh at stupid mistakes, that’s gonna make for a good time. But I can say that I’m a little weary of what Square has in mind for us. Another new 450 weekly cap tomestone. A removal of the weekly cap on the former, and a deletion of the unused one. Moving the names around respectfully for the point values gained.

The normal raid is still going to drop fragments to trade in. We still need four pieces for a body, likely only getting it at week 4 at the best. At which point, for most people, it’s already been reduced to glamour gear from the crafted alternative, tomestone superiority, or savage raid version for clearing groups. I can understand that normal raid is meant for those who can’t do savage, but this is ridiculous. 450 weekly tomes aren’t an impossible score to reach if you can also do normal raid each week, and you could feasibly make the body irrelevant in two weeks.

We’ll still probably need seven weekly normal raid clears, or some measure of luck if we’re clearing the second raid in the tier, to get an item for the tomestone weapon. And 1,000 tomes saved up to get the other ten items to exchange for it. The first savage raid will be exactly like the normal one, but with the kiddie gloves off. The second will use some kind of duty action mechanic to survive. The third will be sequenced RNG, and the fourth will “this isn’t even my final form” itself at 59% HP.


I’m expecting all of this to happen. And I’m hoping I’m wrong, because it’s a formula that’s getting old even for this fangirl. And I’ll continue playing it for the fun, and detest that I’m not always gungho about being on as much as I used to be. Heck honestly, if they even change the bit about four weeks for a normal raid body I’d probably be satisfied. Just the tiniest of change to this age old method.

Ah, well. We’ll see what happens. Happy adventuring!

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