Photo Op

Photo Op

Viola has been asking to “take selfies” with me for a while now. When I was searching around for decent screenshots for the blog, they insisted on taking the photo op right then. So here we are!

Immediate Problem

Right away in our screenshots we ran into an issue we should have expected. You can’t change glamour plates outside of town! We could get to an area with the perfect weather and lightning, but then not be able to change our dress to be appropriate with the setting. There ended up being some trips back to town to get everything squared away. And perhaps even a “take what we can” sort of goal with the shots themselves.

I’m no screenshot artist. I’ve seen what people can do on Twitter and am absolutely amazed by it! Me? I just clip a few things and hope Reshade does all of the work for me. This ended up kind of being an adventure of the blind leading the blind, but we found some decent spots for pictures either way!


We took a few silly screenshots of a goobbue rocket when we first arrived. I also got a neat landscape screenshot that I forgot to send over to my laptop, so neither screenshot is here. Afterwards we moved over to a cliff overlooking Costa Del Sol. It was a peaceful place, but as adventurers we always have to be on the lookout for danger.

I think my favorite part here is how cooperative Mameshiba and Krile were being in the screenshot. It makes us all look like we’re scouting out for our next big quest!

Western La Noscea

Our next stop took a little bit of a trek–but it was well worth it. When we arrived there was a gorgeous sunset, but setting up took too long to capture it properly! We started to dance to welcome the dusk, and ultimately the above screenshot is what we were rewarded with. A memory to keep of a rare moment–me on Dragoon in Stormblood. And look at those legs toned from years of jumping around!

What’s not pictured is the mountain of goblin corpses below us. They weren’t particularly fond of us waltzing through their encampments looking for places to take pictures!

Fishy Festival

Viola had the idea of bringing us to Dhoro Iloh which is awesome. Yet… they couldn’t see any of it! Turns out that Viola hadn’t progressed far enough with the Namazu to know where to stand. Talk about an upgrade to the blind leading the blind. I was at a loss until they started doing the fire dance–and knew where to put them. The result is this festival celebratory screenshot, although we probably should’ve been in yukata for it.

I do really like how fun this particular section of the Azim Steppe is. It’s unfortunate that it reminds me of the grind we ran for our crafting and gathering sets! I wonder if the Namazu will at all react to the upcoming Moonfire Faire?


It can be kind of difficult fitting Lalafell into screenshots sometimes. For this one, Viola wanted to go show me “glowy rocks” at night time. What a more perfect place than over in the Sahagin lands just outside of Aleport? I’m sure they didn’t mind us dancing around a bit. The result came out quite well–looking like glowing shell firecrackers above the night sea. What a great time to take a selfie with a friend!

Even though the skies were clear here, it gets super foggy when you enter the Sahagin’s spawning grounds. We’re theorizing that’s because of all the extra humidity from the heat and waters around. I’m sure there’s probably an answer to it on the lore forums somewhere, but this sounds good enough to us.

Happy adventuring!

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