Progression Delay

Progression Delay

After clearing out Phantom Train and Demon Chadarnook on Savage, we’ve encountered a bit of a… progression derailing.

Hot SpringsSakura

Adult Life

Raiding with a bunch of adults can be awesome. It means you’re less likely to deal with as much inane drama. On the other hand, work schedules can be unbearable. Or even worse: family life and other responsibilities. You kind of take these for granted because you’ve joined a team that’ll have them. Tempers will no doubt flare at unexpected and sudden exits, so you just have to be ready for it.

In this case, we’ve known about all of the unavailability coming up in our team for a while. We were unable to find reps early on, so as a result we’re sure searching now! I’d like for us to have two chests, as two clears in a row have earned us fending accessories and that’s a huge waste, but we’ll see.

O7S – Guardian

Guardian in Savage makes me want to curl into a ball right now. We just started progression on it and it’s horrible compared to the previous two. Still not bad, but there’s a few things that are just tediously annoying.

The AoE at the start that drops a ball… why does that ball not drop as the damage goes off? If I rush back in once I’m safe, it means I’m dropping that pulsing ball into party range. And then there’s Dadaluma’s whole blue laser beam thing. If folk take too long to get to their spot, someone (likely melee) will be clipped by the beam too. Positionals are too good to let go of and honestly I still haven’t figured out where or when everything is yet. Not so bad for entering blind (don’t tell Aud) I guess. Yet, when you go from a fight all about uptime to one that questions why you even have a sword… it’s frustrating.


Nikki has been keeping herself entertained in our off hours with redecorating her house. It’s really cool to watch because she’ll draw inspiration from friends and neighbors and they, in turn, draw it from her. Seeing all of these houses get better and better is pretty exciting. Meanwhile I’m here just making things upon request because my talent for design is blep. Next up her goal is to finish off our Free Company mansion. The entire upstairs is pretty much barren, and honestly my library downstairs could use some work and optimization. Having so many comfortable places to relax is nice!

Speaking of nice, I’m proud of our neighborhood right now. Almost every single set of walls for the homes are in theme. I can clearly see one that’s different, but it isn’t so wild as to be off-putting either. We live in a good place, and I’m happy that Nikki’s house is right across from the “Game Over” Free Company. We have a lot of friends there which makes for a pretty fantastic street. And right behind and across from us is good ol’ Zac who sometimes can be found perched on the roof.


One thing I still have to remind myself of is to take breaks when necessary. Change things up and go do something else in-game. Or play a different game, see a movie, or spend some time under the sun. Breaking up the monotony of life is important, especially when all you really do is play MMORPGs. Right now we’re starting to run into that content lull where many people are raid logging again. In my case, I’m just always on and even Aud has suggested I take a break here and there.

I think it’s about time to bust out my copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun and finish that. Good thing they don’t starve in their immortality like Neopets do…

Happy adventuring!

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