Raid Composition

Raid Composition

I’ve been raiding in Final Fantasy XIV since the day you could, yet I’ve still not seen it all. There’s always something new to learn and some new wacky personality blends to figure out. And even then, new raid compositions to try and work with.

Forget the Meta

We’ve started to look at Meta as a word, when its an acronym. META–Most Efficient Tactics Available. Want to know why the META works? Because everyone is doing precisely what they’re doing at precisely the right time. They’re lining up buffs and debuffs and adjusting for each fight to squeeze out every point of performance that they can. If you aren’t doing this much effort with the META, then you’re not META–and may as well just be whatever composition works best for your group out of experience. That’s why in strategy videos you hear them say, “Try and see what variation may work best for your team” because people are different.

For that matter, gear is very similar. Want to know why something is BiS? Because it’s BiS with every other piece along with it–stats adjusted for stats. A pretty new raid gear might not be the BiS you want, but for now it could very well be an upgrade. Goodness knows you might go weeks without look and just have to make due. Anyway!

Everyone’s Got Their Thing

There are always going to be those few people who are naturally good at everything they touch. But for most of us, we really end up specializing in one or maybe two different jobs. We may not even like the jobs we’re good at in some cases. I’ve definitely known a few people who were mediocre at what they swore they loved and when they finally went something else, it was a godsend. But y’know what? Everyone’s got their thing.

You can’t force people to play a job they hate. You’re going to wind up cornering them until they detest you, your raid, or the game itself. This is a quick path to burnout and losing a raider. I used to adore Dragoon–and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. But if I’d been forced to raid with it the way it is as of this post? I’d probably not be playing anymore. Instead, I was allowed to try out Samurai–and it’s not only a comfortable fit for me but I’m also pretty good at it! Not great, but pretty good.

The Raid I’m In

A few people were talking on Discord the other day about their raid: how their melee is going Dragoon instead of Samurai. And how that works out better for their composition because of Disembowel, Battle Litany, etc. Okay, sure! If we look over data–SAM is beating DRG by around 400ish DPS. If their raid can utilize the buffs DRG provides to account for that loss, then it works out. And we can’t forget–does their performance on DRG as compared to SAM merit the difference?

Our MNK does a little less on average than he does on NIN. And Brotherhood only benefits half the raid instead of everyone–and for less uptime. We’ve tried convincing him to go Ninja, but he likes Monk much more. Our RDM is leveling BLM for a little more diversity and for the opportunity of perhaps passing me in performance, but our healers are also getting used to his quick raises. There’s quite a few things we can change for the META, but y’know? We’re playing things we love, with people whom would be the last we’d sacrifice to the old gods.

There’s priceless value in that. Now we just need to actually all be online for raid.

Happy adventuring!

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