It’s been tough lately to find a relaxing moment to keep away from it all. Especially when it all is fairly relevant. As a result, I’ve hardly had any time for the blog of late. Sorry!



We had ourselves a little vacation from the regular grind of MMOs. Fortunately this is backed up with us being basically done with everything we set out to do this patch. As long as we continue to cap our tomes and attend raid, all is well! This vacation included spending time relaxing and doing the new summer event. Sure, some people don’t like the dyed shisui gear for whatever their reasons. But y’know what? Doesn’t mean I can’t wear it however and whenever I want. 😛


And honestly, any chance to have more photo ops in Costa Del Sol is worth the trip. Such a lovely place.~ If this event and its rewards are not for you, that’s fine! Just try not to dampen the fun of others in the process. And while I hear the concern of a smorgasbord of cat and dragon girls alike running around in revealing clothing, I must ask. Have you ever visited the beach?


Finally, we’re going on an actual vacation not this weekend–but next. I’ll leave out the details but there’s a festival that Nikki and her friends are going to. Originally intended as their girls’ weekend, I was included in the invite and that pretty much set off a faucet of tears. Only one in the group doesn’t know yet, though I’ve little doubt she’s had me flagged for a while. It’ll be nice to get a change of scenery, and I’ve already got my Mom watching the pets so that’ll be taken care of for us.

We're All Ears


I’ve been working steadily on improving myself for the raid, however I can. We don’t seem to be getting a whole ton of striking gear, so I’m only i326 as of this post. Despite that I’m doing numbers comparable to the top 10 on Excalibur so… good stuff good stuff? I still feel like I’m not strong enough though. I guess it’ll be hard to reach the orange percentiles until I’ve got a 340 weapon on my person.

I’ve gotten close–which urges me on a bit. But the real fire is coming from my raid leader constantly pushing himself to try and beat me. I adore good competition like this–and he never falters! Wholeheartedly do I believe in “iron sharpens iron”, to the point of where I start to lose interest if no one is there riding my coattails.


As for how we’re doing progression wise, well… see above. O3S is murdering us pretty handily because of our limited time. We’ve been working to polish 1 and 2 down to a science though because faster clears will mean more time spent there. Unfortunately we’re also approaching the seasons of wonky schedules and that’ll make things tough!

Renewed Adventure


Nikki and I have decided to level our alts up again. I’m not entirely fond of the [redacted] parts of Heavensward again, and honestly going through all of this without flight is going to be a nightmare anyway. I’m thinking to see if we can just fly each other to get all of the ground points and then finish the rest in quests to make life a little easier. And what am I thinking anyway, leveling White Mage again? Ugh… though I’ve not lost my touch! Impressing PUGs left and right with saving them from total wipe scenarios. I’m also appreciating the simpler shift between DPS and healing as compared to before.

Who knows? Maybe I will keep a content alt around for more than just money.


Happy adventuring!

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